Toy Story 3 Movie (Disney-Pixar)

Hi friends 😉

Officially launched yesterday!

Yea, yesterday evening was one of those special days (it’s my mom’s birthday celebration day). She turned 26 years old last week.

My birthday gift to mom is to wish her to stay healthy and glee. Happy Birthday Mama 😀

We planned and we watched her favorite movie: Toy Story! [Elhamdulillah].

She was so surprised. She said that she waited this moment for so long (11 solid years!) as she truly enjoyed this movie with her sweet siblings previously (Toy Story *1995* , Toy Story 2 *1999*). As for her, the opportunity to get to watch Toy Story 3 with all of us is just an unbelievable moment, more like a dream come true.

She even makes jokes about it, she giggled and told us “I’ve been waiting for so long. To wait for this movie (Toy Story 3), I already have 4 kids“, then she kissed and hugged us tightly. Thank you mama 😀

For my family, we love this new movie a lot. It deserve 5 star superior rating from us! Superb job Disney and Pixar team.

Us 😀
We’re out from the box too, haha!

The girls 😉

This is my mom 😉
She looked really happy and gave us a big and wide smile for the whole day.
She is such a kind amazingly happy person who even smiled in her sleep.
She paired her super comfy and baggy pants with soft pink hoodie.

Hey, this is me with my favorite character, Rex 😀
Just got my hair cut. It’s too hot lately.

This is my dear sister, ReiHi-chan.
And of course with her favorite Toy Story’s character: Jessie!
She’s good in acting.

This is my sweet sister, YunaFi-cHan with her bestfriend:
Buzz Lightyear!
Her secret favorite character surprisingly included in the movie. We’re shocked!

This is my little sister: HidE-cHan with her cuddly teddy! Latso.
But we don’t like or agree with his attitude.

So don’t wait anymore. Do watch this amazing movie.

Let’s go out tonight. Let’s go to the cinema with your family 😀 Bye!

The best ever!

18. June 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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  1. hi dear..
    mama fathin and al rayyan went to watch toy story as well yesterday..
    love it..! very touching ending.

  2. Hi Aunt Fathinz 😀

    Thank you for your great comment. Your son is very lucky. My mom secretly cried for the *hot-orange* scene.
    Which is little al rayyan favorite part? Please help me to ask him this, alright aunt? I love this movie too. Thank you.

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  4. happy birthday to mamafiza!

    oh, how much i miss movie moments like this! 😉

  5. Assalamualaikum wbt,

    Dearest hot momma Miss Ann,

    OMG, you made me blushes! *heee* Gazillion thanks darling dear. May God always blessed your kindred heart. Amin~

    Please don’t forget to watch this movie with your wonderful prince and gorgeous princess. Believe me, it’s worth it!

    Take care my dear Miss Ann a.k.a Kak Ina >O< Miss you!

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