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For today update, do you still remember this event and this remarkable activity?

Yes, fabulous news for you: I love to share about my latest discovery for my kids on the Internet. Yes, playing online games can be educational. Finding safe, fun and educational games online can be kind of tricky if you do not know what you are looking for but with Learning Tool Kit from Mead Johnson Enfagrow A+ website, no more worries momma as it has games for every age group.

Did you know that you can help keep your child’s gaming experiences safe, age-appropriate, friendly, fun, and even educational?

I always reminded myself “The crucial key is to educate myself about the gaming community, game ratings, and how to use the privacy and safety tools built into the games before introduce it to my own child”.

With no doubt, by using Learning Tool Kit from Mead Johnson Enfagrow A+ website, you may first observe your little child online games activity by putting the computer in a location where you can monitor the activity. Please do participate and play together with them due to it is a safe way for your kids to play online games is if you play with them plus good way to teach how to deal with others online while still having fun.

Don’t forget to establish some rules. Let your child understands the rules before starting the games such as basic rules include play time limits and playtime with family or siblings.

Now let’s get started! 😀

Once you enter to the web page : simply guide your lil angel to click on the links page to explore the animated activities that provide fun and interesting approaches to developing knowledge-surfing habits on the Internet.

Amazingly, the online activities can be played and replayed at any time.

It’s colorful and vibrant website will comfort and attract your child’s attention in a blink of eyes, believe me ^-^

There are six interesting main module your child may choose from:

  • Cognitive skills: Spot the Difference and Peek-a-boo
  • Social and emotional skills: Interaction
  • Language skills: What’s the word?
  • Musical skills: Drums for all
  • Artistic skills: Art Corner and Coloring Page
  • Number/Counting skills: Math and Memory

I like this features a lot, called: Today’s Tip. As a mother of 4 at a very young age, I do regularly spend my time surfing for now approach in positive parenting. By browsing Mead Johnson Enfagrow A+ website’s Learning Tool Kit, I could save my time in just one click to learn new things in parenthood.

This is my big boy *KiruaMi-cHan* favorite game: Math & Memory 😀 He loves adventures in world of numbers.

Tricky but catchy ^_-
Really captured young kid’s heart to develop brighter memory.

This is my big girl *ReiHi-cHan* favorite choice of game. She loves to help her siblings and communicate with others with full of smiles ^__^

She giggles every time she spotted those sparkling stars!

After each mission, your child will earn special medallion as rewards for their hard work and passion. Is it awesome? It’s help to motivate and encourage kids in soft ways.

For my personal point of view, I think that this website is very informative plus kids-friendly. I could easily get details regarding Mead Johnson Enfagrow A+ products, milestone checklist for kids and most important things: reading expert useful articles.

Good source of information for parent.

Great articles!

Last but not least, Learning Tool Kit from Mead Johnson Enfagrow A+ website has many online safety games for younger children and information for children of all ages as well as helpful information for parent and teachers.

Learning Tool Kit from Mead Johnson Enfagrow A+ website is genuinely wonderful resource for little kids to enhance their capabilities and hidden skills. Do take note: Stronger children learn more ^O^

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