1. Homeschool Log

Hi friends 😉

It is me again, KiruaMi-cHan.

How are you today? I hope you will be cheerful and lively.

From today I will try to manage and post homeschool log with guidance from my father, PaPa.

Now it is one of my weekly list to maintain this blog as my mother said 2010 is a vital year for my sisters and I to explore new method of learning, so she’s merely busy with us and devoted most of her time for homeschooling us with lots of family picnic. Less time for blogging write-up.

Do you feel excited and curious to know about it? I will tell you soon. It is not hard. Because my mama always reminded us that:

“If you can’t write, you may always express it by drawing” ~MamaFiza

I am so lucky as for my mom, life is her art. She teaches us a lot in art appreciation [Elhamdulillah].  I still remembered that last time she told me that she only eligible to learn about art appreciation in her university’s day. It’s too late according to her.

p/s: last week my PaPa teaches me on how to insert link in blog post and today I learned how to make a “quote” box. Very fun 😀

But for me I rather do VLog than blogging 😀 I spent most of my time for elementary robotic class this year.

Roughly, my PaPa spent more than RM100 weekly just for homeschool workbooks not includes reading books, my mom’s books and homeschool religion, art and science supplies. Thank you PaPa! [Elhamdulillah].

The deal? No new books till we finished old book. This help me to keep on doing my very best everyday because I love books.

These are some of workbooks that we completed for early month of February 2010, will update more later as it is already June:


Like a rainbow.

I like these books the most. Simple but great story.

Art stuff for our art time 😀

Alright friends, till we meet again.

Thank you for reading.

Please share your personal blog with me and insert your nickname and URL in comment box.

Nice to know you 😉

16. June 2010 by KiruaMi-cHan
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  1. Hi…love to read your blog!

  2. Hello Aunt Fida 😀

    Thank you. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our family’s blog.

    You have a good blog too. Have a nice holiday.

  3. While we’re discussing the matter of 1. Homeschool Log | LittleKittle.com, There can be no greater advantage of HS than the family bonds that are built and strengthened. Just think of the sibling and parental bonding that can be built in an atmosphere of constructive education.

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  6. hi,

    nice photo. i’m interested on the books in the photo above titled ‘a collection of islamic tales’. may i know where can i buy those kind of books? thank you and have a wonderful days!

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