Sister’s Love

Hello, good morning 😀

My name is ReiHi-cHan.

Yuna is her name. Thank you God. I like to play with my sister.

This is my video with my Yuna.

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

04. June 2010 by ReiHi-cHan
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  1. Such a lovely kids you have.How you teach your kids to play together nicely,have they never had a fight before?I was wondering when i was kid,as a elder sister,i would play things,and shouted happily to my younger sister,but that made my younger sister cried even louder.How you make them play so cheerfully,from what I see,the younger sister tak merengek lansung.What words best describe when you teach those children?

    Have you never scolded them ever?

  2. And the abang so mature,would stop first and let the sis play with the hoop before continuing to walk.As you can see,rarely see a kid like abang.Normally abang is like “hei,out of my way”..huhu..but your kid…very nice.I am so envy.

  3. Dearest wonderful lady Miss Zana 😉

    Gazillion thanks for your great effort on supporting our homeschool’s method. You’re too good to be true! What a generous lady, you’re! >_< You made my day. My kids really thankful to your sweet comment. Arigatou!

    Please kindly check your email for more details. Thanks a lot, may you enjoy your holiday with your dear family. I'll never forget to pray for you! *super hugs*

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