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Good morning dearest lovely mommies ^-^

Wish you’re in superb health.

I’m truly happy to update about our latest attended event.

On 10th April 2010, we’re very lucky to receive luxurious invitation, sharing session from PRUDENTIAL: PRUmy child, by generous Sir Heng Zee Wang, Chief Product and Marketing Officer and beauteous lady Miss Fiona, Director, both from PRUDENTIAL. Gazillion thanks to Prudential and Nuffnang!

Goodie back from PRUmy child 🙂

As homeschooler parent, I know that one of the huge items that count for household debt is hospital bills. Undeniably when your family is not covered by any health insurance, and need a major hospitalization, this can put you several years back in finances. It is every parent nightmare.

Great event!

Now, here’s a wonderful plan from Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad known as PRUmy child, which can help families reduce the risks of personal financial meltdown while raising the young ones.

Even if you have insurance coverage from your employer, it’s worth checking other insurance plans out as you walk through the journey of parenting.

While there is no ideal age to start saving, you do want to start as early as you possibly can. The earlier you start, the longer time you have for the money to grow and perhaps outpace the rate that the tuition fee is increasing. Please do starts saving for your child’s education as early as you can, but you also need to take into consideration your own financial plans. Both are equally important.

Insurance is important at any age. It is important for parents to know that life insurance for children does exist in the market.

Me with Sir Heng Zee Wang

And why should you secure your child’s future with a complete protection and education savings plan?

For me, it acts as a backup plan for the parents should anything ever happen to our child and we definitely need to have extra money saved away to take care of those expenses. Yes, you may not want to think about it but the reality is, life can be very unpredictable so it’s best to plan ahead so you will not be caught unprepared.

Before subscribing to any insurance plan, my dearest husband and I, will always consider:

  1. Family’s Financial Situation
  2. Family’s Health History

If you choose to take up a life insurance policy for your kids, the next step is determining how much the policy should be. Easy, rite?

My husband and I do believe: when love begins, so can protection and education savings 🙂

As PRUmy child is proudly the first plan in Malaysia which protects your precious lil tummy baby during crucial time, I like it the best due to its included essential coverage like hospitalization for congenital conditions and ICU for premature birth. Because most insurance plans out there do not offer insurance cover to a lil fetus and you even need to wait at least 2 weeks old to cover your newborn 🙁 *trust me, as I’m a mother of 4 angels. Been there, done that!*, it is actually quite scary knowing that your previous lil one will be without any insurance protection not only while in the womb, but also during the early stages of infancy. And what is the baby is born unhealthy – chances of him or her getting insured will be very slim…

So if you desire insurance coverage for the growing lil tummy baby and yourself (gorgeously pregnant momma), YES, you can buy PRUmy child from as early as 18 weeks up until 35 weeks into your pregnancy and if you are between 18 and 45 years of age next birthday (it’s never too late!).

Plus, if you have children less than 18 years old (just like me), you can also check out and purchase this lifelong plan for your lil angels for absolutely complete protection and guaranteed education savings.

No more worries and thank God we could sleep peacefully each night, as PRUmy child offers added protection to you and/or your spouse as well as benefits that give your child or loved ones an income should anything unfortunate happen to you.

With my lil boy and Miss Diva Redmummy and Sir RedDaddy!

Just to share with you again, why parents like us should consider PRUmy child?

  • Complete protection for every stage of your child’s life, even before birth
  • It provides new and extended coverage to enhance your child’s plan
  • Provides additional protection for parents like you and me, so that the child can continue to enjoy uninterrupted insurance coverage and benefits
  • Helps us build education fund for our children as early as possible
  • It is quite affordable. Premium starts from RM600 per year (for basic plan)

My precious boy~

In other words, no other plan offers you such a unique and well balanced combination such as that of PRUmy child which not only helps you secure your child’s future with a complete protection and education plan but also provides protection for the parents too!

Group pictures ^-^

PRUmy child plan is a major step you can take to ensure the well being of your lil one and family.

Get started now and don’t wait around anymore. Do visit PRUmy child micro-site at which includes an interview with Madam Sheila Majid (who is proudly PRUmy child Ambassador), as well as an education calculator (you can use it to calculate how much you will need to save for your kid’s future education costs).

PRUmy child: Highly recommended!

Safeguard your child’s future with PRUmy child today, hot mommies! ^_-

Please scroll down to view pretty images captured by my little photogrhaper: KiruaMi-cHan, at the event, sponsored by PRUDENTIAL at Fit For 2, Bangsar ViIIage 2:

Preparation before event start~

This is my loyal lil photographer: KiruaMi-cHan~


Enjoying delicious foods~


My lil boyfriend, covering event from his lens ^_-

Sublime lady, I heart her kindness.

It’s an honored for us to meet Miss Red Diva and Sir Red Daddy 😀
My dearest best blogging guru, Miss Diva

Love her new images ^-^ *gorgeous*

Very focused on the subject address by Sir Heng Zee Wang~

Me, glamorous Miss Diva Redmummy
& sincere guy Sir Nicholas from Nuffnang~

Pretty and humble ladies from Nuffnang: Miss Jestina & Miss Yuen ^_^
He just wanted to take photo! *KiruaMi-cHan*

Miss Pink Diva *hot mama*, Miss Iza ^_-
She’s so sweet in person!

Peace yo, my big boy!

My charming prince 😀

Me, haha!

Again . . . it’s me.
p/s: thanks a lot lil bro for lovely pics!

The END.

Thank you Prudential My Child , PRUmy child!
Don’t waste any seconds, let’s sign up today

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