Beyond Technology: Rebalancing Your Busy Life with iTalkWhoa!

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Have you ever wondered whether new era technology will make your life better?

As for me, technology is an important set of tools aimed for making crucial aspect of our life better, easier plus more efficient.

Applications that make it easier for us to accomplish a task. Let’s not debate the definition of the word technology, but rather, is portal technology working for you.

We’re constantly bombarded with huge selection of information these days: news, blogs, photos, videos, Twitter, emails, text messages, phone calls, etc. All of these things are vying for and tugging at our attention. It’s all around us in the way we communicate, run business and understand the world.

So how am I, a busy bee homeschooler could possibly escape the negative effect of technology overload?

I will never choose to put away these great features as communication technology is a vital machinery for me as work-at-home-mom and I refuse to let it rule my life! It’s important to put your life ahead of your schedule.

How has new technology changed your life?

Imagine this situation:
“MORNING sleepy-head! You’re 30 minute late for your breakfast , missed your shower, end up delayed meeting with your morning potential clients, and, somewhere in the middle, there’s conference call need to be done. Now, at the last minute, you’ll skip exercise class, abandon networking community meeting, ignore the house chores and didnt even have the time to alert kids for their night worksheets and would you just relax. Yes? . . . No? Tonight’s the night of the charity stage show. You promised Granny to be there. Would you make it on time?”

Welcome to for  iTalk Whoa! A portal that lets you stay connected to your family, friends and clients without the hassles of logging in to several websites.

You can simply send an email, check out their status update, chatting, send sms or even make a long distance call at the same portal by using iTalk Whoa!

Too much to do, too many places to be, too many things happening too fast, choose iTalkWhoa! as your daily planners.

Yes, we are bigger than our schedules. Now, how do we make sure our lives are not overpowered by an endless schedule of responsibilities?

Manage your life and simplify by using iTalk Whoa!

Need advice from yours truly? Vote for iTalkWHOA! to stay sane in a busy world 😀 Log on to today!

“iTalkWHOA! portal makes my life better a lot easier. I am able to communicate with people around the world, share opinions and I know what’s happening in the world just from iTalkWHOA! portal. This web site is a great example of how technology has changed lives.”

iTalkWHOA! : WHAT and HOW?

Who can use iTalk Whoa?

  • Anyone with internet access. You may access: Mail, Add contact, Twitter, Instant Messenger, VoIP and lots more with just one portal.

What browser will be compatible with iTalk Whoa portal?

  • We recommend IE 6.0 and recommend Flash Player 10.

Come on ladies, let cruise on some of the hype features:

What is iTalk Whoa Mail?

  • iTalk Whoa Mail is a web-browser-based email application with push capability. Customers can aggregate the most popular webmail provider like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and more.

“iTalkWHOA! makes simple to keep my lots of contacts. “

How do I add a new contact?

  • To create a new contacts, click New Contact from the top panel and enter your contact’s information in the appropriate fields and click Save

What does Calendar in iTalk Whoa do?

  • The calendar allows you to track and schedule your appointments, meeting and events. You have the complete control over the calendar such as creating new appointment, deleting recurring appointment, sharing calendar and many more.

“It’s made it possible to find out what is REALLY going on, rather than relying on the official media to feed me only what it wants me to be fed. I love twitter!”

What is Twitter?

  • Twitter is a free social networking service that enables its users to send and read short messages known as tweets.

“Push Mail made me easier to get information and news via mobile phone, to contact with my friends and clients who live around the world .”

What is Push Mail?

  • Whenever new emails arrive in your iTalk Whoa account, it is instantly and actively transferred (pushed) to the email client on your mobile phone.

What is Sync?

  • iTalk Whoa offers 2-way synchronization to sync your contact list and calendar from your account to your mobile phone and vice versa.

What is Instant Messenger?

  • iTalk Whoa offers a customers a real time text messaging tool to connect with other friends. You will be able to connect to Facebook chat, MSN, Google chat and other popular IM within the iTalk Whoa framework.

Can I send an SMS from my iTalk Whoa account?

  • Yes, iTalk Whoa allows you to send SMS to mobile phones. iTalk Whoa rates apply.

“iTalkWHOA! is marvelous in a way that it makes communication faster and reliable. It’s really changed my work style, via mobile and wireless communication. Arranging a reunion over the web is a lot easier.”

What is iTalk Whoa Voice?

  • iTalk Whoa Voice is a VoIP service. You can make calls from your iTalk Whoa account to any mobile or fixed line which are charged at iTalk Whoa rates or talk freely with another iTalk Whoa subscriber online.

Interesting, rite? So what are you waiting for?

Be the first to subscribe at

It’s easy to want to stay connected with as many people as possible. With no doubt I’ll be the first to admit that I have formed many meaningful relationships and wonderful networking through my online encounters.

You’ll be the NEXT SUCCESSOR, with iTalkWHOA! ^_^

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