Imaginary Intelligent (Tim Burton’s: Alice in Wonderland)

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Good aftenoon merciful mommies 😉

May God blessed your day *hugs*

Dearest ladies, have you watch Tim Burton‘s latest movie: Alice In Wonderland, yet?

Don’t miss it, I bet your lil angel will love it to the max! ^_^

Alhamdulillah, my kids loves it and watched it twice *hoho*

Personally, it’s visually stunning and marvelous for an epic story.  Happily, my kids grew up reading Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book; just to name a few.  We are always on the quest for more (daily basis)! They loved these classic books, plus very helpful to broaden their imagination, entertained them for hours and indeed a good choice for fluent readers and younger children.

Have you ever wonder: Does imagination play a role in learning and success in life? In a word, YES.

As a mother I do strongly believe, every children need imagination to help them get ahead socially, physically and mentally. Imagination is very vital and essential as math, science, art or reading. Thus, imaginative and pretend play helps develop many important skills that boost a child’s learning and success.

Imagination helps children grow up to be individuals who are creative thinkers. With no doubt, adults who were imaginative children often become problem solvers, innovators and creative thinkers.

Nothing can beat classical stories 😀
Credit: Our books and my new workstation’s table & lighting by the King

Do remember:
Children who’s parents tell stories are more able to tell stories themselves, and are more expressive generally of their own feelings, needs and experiences. Stories strengthen imagination, awareness and enhance self-esteem as they often put the child in the position of co-creator. Do encourage your child to tell their own stories, you will be surprised by what they have to share.

1st time!

2nd time!

So mommies, don’t stop now. Children have abundant imaginations, but they need lots of encouragement to use it.

Keep a fun ways to encourage your little angel to use their imaginations using books, toys, games, recycle items, props or nothing at all.

Happy Thursday everyone, and happy reading!


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  1. Salam.

    hi deary mamafiza, agree with you…and my Anisah is now able to tell the process of cooking choc at beryls’ factory during her last visit….

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