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Good morning lovely ladies 😉

Wish you’re in great start for February 2010!

Also, if you’ve emailed me in the last week, especially about homeschool or web design slot and I haven’t gotten back to you yet, please sit tight. I do intend to respond to everyone soon in mid February 2010 as I’m still away for outstation duty with my beloved family.

Glad to present my new rig, gift from my dearest hubby *Alhamdulillah*. Aim is for daily use as primary system for VIP client meet-up & homeschool management task.

It’s HP Mini 😉 Upgraded to 2GB RAM. And it’s metallic pink! *sugar!*
So tiny, just 10-inch and weight: 1 kg.

This is my “me-time” space in our couple room ^-^
You may spotted my vision board, homeschool’s project,
super comfy red chair, some of my favorite books,
& calendar from my best pal Miss Yus.
Thanks darling hubby for being such supportive to me. 100% made by the King.

First of all, my dearest hubby surprised me  last week. He told me that he felt enormous pity seeing me carrying my personal notebook: Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch in every meeting with VIP clients. He said it’s just too bulky for my size *lol*. That’s why now I only used it in our home workstation for designing purpose.

So, instead of carrying a heavy notebook computer around, I choose “netbook“. Other than that,  this new rig of mine is just what I needed.

Well, the Apple MacBook Pro was beginning to cost a lot to own. However, it’s worth it 😉

My work-lappy! Very sturdy >_<

The King’s beast (left) with my beauty (right) *giggles*

Click here to view our old workstation setup.

Luckily, the King also generously upgraded our kids old personal computer to personal notebook, and now into their very own workstation!

Why? Because my big boy KiruaMi-cHan and my big girl ReiHi-cHan were truly passionate plus involved in graphic designing & photo editing.

Yes, we guide them (since 3 years old) to major in using both PC and Mac. We do start early due to toddler’s life is full of wonder, and spends a lot of time observing and imitating. They love to spend time with parents and enjoy helping out with simple household & work tasks.

Anyway, in the next couple of days I will auto-post more information on my kids new build workstation and possibly a few pictures as well *Insya-Allah*

Why netbook?
Netbook computers are generally the less powerful version of laptop computers.  Small, light, portable, durable, economical and energy-efficient. Netbooks are slimmer, they put off less heat, and they are convenient for the on-the-go person who wants to keep in touch with their network. It is ideal for internet surfing, email, word processing, research, and other not so heavy applications.

Tips: When buying a new PC or workstation, please consider what it will be used for, where it will be used, and long-term support when making a decision.  That way you’ll love what you buy and use it the way it was meant to be.

Now, I have no excuse for not doing good job in my routine 😉

And now, dear loyal friends, tell me about your private “me time” home-space.

All the best my ladies, may God blessed your family, be positive! 😀

p/s: Thank you for your inquiry regarding (WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza), please click here to read personal testimonial from my gorgeous ladies from 1st WAHM event. Do email me if you like to get extra seats for my 2nd event, gal.

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  1. How generous and sweet of your hubby! We will be moving to our own place this year, inshaAllah, so I will definitely use your workstation pics as inspiration for my own “mama space” 🙂 Perhaps this post can also be an inspiration for hubby to get me a netbook too…hehehehe.. 😉

    I’m still so sad that I can’t make it to your 2nd WAHM workshop 🙁 Too bad, I have class on that day. Perhaps its not fated that I attend this one. Look forward to hearing about a future workshop…would really love to meet you and become another mama inspired by such a lovely, successful WAHM!

  2. Salam.

    My dear lovely pal!!
    Oh dear…jelesnyaa….
    So kawaii!!

    My ‘me time’ space is my sewing area!!
    ahaks..I jost lost in space when I meet them.
    Yet I dont really have my ‘me time’..

    Ehem..dear, can you give layout about your couple room
    (hihi..korek rahsia nih..)
    I’m planning to give my couple room a make over.
    No lah..just kidding. But if you can, I would love too have it.. (so nakal me…)

    Take care!!

  3. hi…pls help me in doin this online bisnes n nak buat website jugak…rita memang buta it sgt lah…ita n hubby mmg fultime wat bisnes saloon n bty retail at plaza pantai slm ni…n susah nak kluar mana2 n yg susah sklai sbb tader staf cuman ader 1 jer utk wat urut,manipedi,scrub,n facial…it akena cover utk wat facial n jual brg kat reception area…tp mmg kitaorg nak kena tambah xtra income sbb nak plan ambik anak angkat…huhuhuhu….kitaorg dah 6 thn married but n kidz yet …sepi sgt…but in order to adopt kena stable dlm income jugak kan mamafiza…lookin’ forward to dpt ur reply asap…makasih ya say…assalamualaikum

  4. Fantastic Read! Looking forward to more! Bookmarked your site and will be back again! 🙂

  5. It is the second entry I read tonight. And I am on my third. Got to think which one is next. Thank you.

  6. very nice, neat and high-tech workstation. Hm.. envy…

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