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Auto-Publish by MamaFiza: Week of Outstation Job .


Good morning lovely ladies 😉

Wish you’re in superb health, Amin~ *hugs*

My dear, I hope you’ll be happy reading my speedy auto-publish post for the whole week, Insya-Allah I’ll be back next week and I got another 2 new big job waiting for me, oh yes, another future outstation job again. Thank you Lord *tears*

Today, I have special question to ask you >_<

Do you like or dislike cooking and why?

Cooking: I find it incredibly relaxing and a huge stress reliever to me!

I strongly believe what you make with all your heart and soul is made with LOVE and should be shared with the ones you LOVE 😀

Having my very own family, to cook for was an awakening and each day I wanted to explore, create and taste. I haven’t stopped since *Alhamdulillah*.

One of the things I love about cooking is that it’s creative element, I love mixing flavors, colors and anything that go well together on a plate.

Homemade Korean Crab Stew *love it!*


Homemade Crispy Garlic Fishy >0<

Beef + Herbs Bologne with Buttered Macaroni ^_-
*homemade, of course!*

Homemade Sizzling Yum Mee :
Chicken Herbs + Mushrooms + Eggs + Abalone Sauces 😉

Chocolate Dream Ice Cream Dessert for my kids ^O^
Simply easy to make from home!

Icy Chocolate Coke Floats for my hubby ^-^ , my hubby’s favorite!

However there is something about cooking up a bowl of nutritious meals and baking fresh cookies which just can’t be beat.

Sometimes, it may take a little longer to get dinner on the table, but in the end it is totally worth it and your family will thank you for it, what a huge blessed!

Wouldn’t you love to create those kinds of memories for your own family?

What could be better than recipes which come straight out of our grandmother’s kitchen?  It’s “comfort food” to me.  I don’t know about you, but I love to reminisce about being in my grandmother’s kitchen. She is extremely kind to me, she’s so skillful, she doesn’t even need to look at what she’s doing. I bet she may do everything even with her eyes closed! *heee* It was a treat to watch her cooking any type of homemade meals 😉

My mom is a great cook, especially when it comes to Malay traditional cuisine & baking. Undeniable my mom in law who is also a very good cook in pastries & spicy meals. With no doubt, I truly adore my grandma, my mom and my mil talented cooking skills.

Cooking is an act of love. For me cooking with love, heart & soul can mean a couple of different things. I heart cooking with the purpose of spreading joy.

It can be preparing a meal for someone that means something special to you. Where you try to make the meal remarkable for that person.

Plus, it can also mean that you cook with specific ingredients that you really like. Where you try your hardest to make it work the best. Giving it your utmost attention in hopes that it will develop into the best thing it possibly can.

Oh boy, I love cookbooks. For last few years (since year 2004), I’ve got supreme stuck on Sir Jamie Oliver and Sir Rob Rainford, Sir Jamie’s just inspiring, I keep learning something new every time I read one of his books, Sir Rob’s precisely awesome!

I always positively think that food prepared with love has the ability to pass the love along. Therefor, I never try to cook when I don’t have 100% focus as my mission to add a dash of love for those I’m cooking for 😀

Happy and successful cooking doesn’t rely only on know-how; it comes from the heart, makes great demands on the palate and needs enthusiasm and a deep love of food to bring it to life ~Georges Blanc, Ma Cuisine des Saisons

So, start from today, whether you make homemade cooking for your hubby or kids, just let your brainy imagination run wild.

May God blessed your day sweet mommies, Happy Cooking! 😉

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29. January 2010 by MamaFiza
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  1. Hi MamaFiza..have been reading but havent been dropping a comment for so long 🙂
    This reminds me of yesterday, I was swamped with work then picked up my eldest from school & wanted to send my staff to the bus stop too..saw there was pasar malam and was so tempted to just swing by and buy something. It started to rain then so I changed my mind..back home it was Maghrib, my maid forgot to do a few things *urghh*, a client called (yes, I’m so accessible ha haa)..all left me tired and no mood to cook. But the fish was already defrosted & I told myself I can go buy food some other time when I’m REALLY busy. So 8pm I donned my apron and cooked a simple dinner of Ikan Bawal Goreng Masak Kicap, Tempe Goreng Sambal & blanched lady’s fingers :). I felt glad that I didnt just buy food last night..!

  2. Salam..

    Oh dear..
    you know how much I adore your passion.
    mm..wish my hubby can eat like King.
    No picking…

    mm..might be I just cook for myself and kids.
    It will be a try and error session, perhaps because I never know either they like it or not.
    For all this while, I’m just assuming…

  3. Dear Hafiza,
    Hello, I’m Deborah, a journalist from The Nut Graph news/commentary website.

    We’re trying to do a story on home schooling, on whether there is an increase in the number of home schoolers of late. I heard about you from KV Soon and David Tan who also do home schooling and run online blogs/networks about it.

    I think it would be interesting to get your perspective about home schooling because so far, it seems to be a rather Chinese trend. But is this changing? Are more Malay families opting for home schooling, and why?

    I know you’re busy but I do hope we can do a short phone interview soon. My office number is 03-******** and I would love to hear from you soon.

    Best wishes.

  4. hi fiza
    can u share some of your yummmy-o home made recipe? I like to cook but due to my long journey back and forth from seremban-kl (commute everyday to work) made me impossible to cook everyday for dinner. poor to my hubby and kids, but i don’t have other choice. I tried to repay back and cook during weekends and hope to cook something special for them. I’m hoping that you can share some of your thumbs-ups food for me to try on.. TQ vm, and god bless you always

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