Comfort Time with Crafts

Ohaiyo gozaimasu five-star mommies 😉

May God bless your lovely weekend *cheers*

Alhamdulillah, for last 2 weeks & another 2 weeks, we’re fully booked with homeschool routine & VIP outstation job. Absolutely perfect blessed, keep moving forward with positive attitude >_<

Even-though we’re away from home in huge separate distance, however my schedule are still the same, packed with homeschool activities, lots of homemade cooking, private meetings, VIP meet-ups & designing work.

Due to that, I’m terribly sorry to announce that I might only personally reply your email in the middle of February 2010. By then, to all our loyal clients, our dearly staff will help to answer your inquiries if you’ve any doubt regarding our services. Thank you everyone for the emails. I promise, I’ll be back!

I can’t thank you enough to God *Alhamdulillah*, formerly in year 2007-2008 we’ve transformed major impact in our business, thank you for your support wonderful Malaysian momma! You’re the BEST 😀

Every goal imaginable is achievable! Trust yourself.

Remarkably, last year (2009) LittleKittle Studio’s gained more customers from Singapore and this year (2010), with all your everlasting love spreading about our services, we obtained lots of clients from Indonesia and more request from Asian Pacific companies *tears*.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving ~Albert Einstein

Because of my long absence, I’ll share some tips for today update. It’s all about Comfort Time with Crafts 😉 Let’s move on~

Crafty & creative kids *Alhamdulillah*

Don’t you know that as early as your child can hold a pencil or a paint brush, children have desire to create and build things?

Glue, glue~

Children have lots of energy and indeed lots of fun. Every single day they continuously develop imaginations, a sense of humor, and lots of excitement.

Little kid laughs are infectious to me. No doubt, playing with children is very enjoyable 😉 My kids love it if I join in. Yours will too.

Sticky, sticky ~

In a child’s imagination, an empty box becomes a fairy world, and collection of recycling bottles becomes a great masterpiece of instrument.

Try inspire each children to think and invent. They’ll gain important skills for life. Sometimes they’ll need help, but often they’ll just want you to make something alongside them.

Colorful collage~
From paper-cutting-magazine!

Do encourage kids to add their own ideas and to devise their own original craft projects. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with ^-^

Crafts develop kids’ minds. If you don’t feel creative, just relax! You’ll grow in creativity along with your children *how sweet!*.

Please spare quality time to do stuff with your kids. You need to know on how to find the time and energy for learning time, crafting, nature exploring, playing, cooking and experimenting.

Note: Find activities that you enjoy doing too (by heart). There’s no point feeling guilty about not taking your kids to the playground and pushing them on the swings every day if you just don’t enjoy it (playing without soul).  Clear your minds and search for any alternative that you will all enjoy ^O^

You may turn craft time into snack time, and let your kids play with their food. Kids enjoy making works of art they can eat, and they’ll love making them as much as they’ll enjoy sampling their tasty creations.


Unfold your love today, momma! Please keep in mind that YOU are the center of your child’s world, and as much as you may love and need your child, he or she will love you more. Believe me 😉

Happy crafting and I’ll see you soon! *cuddles*

God bless ^-^

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime. You can do anything you set your mind to ~Eminem

p/s: Thank you for your inquiry regarding (WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza), please click here to read personal testimonial from my gorgeous ladies from 1st WAHM event. Do email me if you like to get extra seats for my 2nd event, gal.

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23. January 2010 by MamaFiza
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  9. This is a great article, I located your blog site checking google for a related topic and came to this. I couldnt find to much alternative details on this article, so it was good to locate this one. I definitely will be returning to check out some other posts that you have another time.

  10. Salam mamafiza,

    i always adore and had a great feeling after reading your blog here…u inspired me alots thanks dear 😉
    if i’m not mistaken i’ve read somewhere in this blog about u’re sending your boy to a kind of mechanical/ robot/ engineering class is it?
    Actually my boy is really into that kind of thingy so wondering if u can share of have any info where i can send my boy for that kind of class. My boy,Danish now is 5 years old. thanks 😉

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