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Good evening trendy ladies 🙂

My ladies, I have another question for you today *tickles*

Have you ever had a dream you wanted to share but couldn’t bring yourself to admit?

Ever dream of being a princess? What is your favorite childhood memory?

Mine was just the simple things, as you can see. I like thinking back to those time and treasured ’em.

Won’t you? For a moment, you may actually felt as a kid. Endlessly for me, innocence is God greatest gift to us *Alhamdulillah*.

Being a grownup pays off in the long run with the ability to really enjoy your kids. And hopefully, they will enjoy you as well.

For this posting, we would like to devote about majestic princess hair accessories for your little girls.

Nowadays, lots of parents enjoy dressing up their baby girls and giving them pretty hairdos.

Babies need baby hair clips to gently hold their fine wisps of hair. Tiny ribbon bows, character buttons and other decorations will highlight the small hair clips. It is important to have a lightweight, safe piece to put in the baby’s hair.

Nevertheless, finding hair clips that work in a baby’s and little girl’s fine hair can be a true challenge. Pretty infant hair clips make a great baby gift, first birthday present or anytime gift for your own little girl.

Below are some pictures of sponsored hair accessories obtained from VerandaView, check it out:

Lovely gift wrapped! >0<

Oh, so cute lil teddy box 😀

Yippie . . .~

Drolls *heart melt!*

For your information, GiddyGiddy‘s infant, toddler and big girls hair clips are the softest, most comfortable hair clips you will find. Mothers around the globe always comment that GiddyGiddy hair clips the only ones that can find that don’t leave “marks” on their babies or little girls heads. Each hair clips is carefully and lovingly made in the U.S.A.

Whether it is for a birthday, portrait or other special occasion your little girl will look picture perfect. VerandaView knows how important it is to have high quality hair clips delivered to you on time! 😉

Another tiny piece!

Sweet ^-^

Line-up ^_^

Close-up please 😀
A delicious assortment of baby hair clips and hair accessories
made with love from GiddyGiddy, USA.

I was so very impressed with the exceptional quality made by GiddyGiddy and fast + execellent service from VerandaView’s owner.  My kids love the clips. I could not believe how cute and well made they were. I’ve bought a few of the hair clips at other places, but these are far better. The pictures on the web site don’t compare to the actual product. Thank you Miss Amanda~ MamaFiza

Little sister: YunaFi-cHan, with her new hair clips *happy*

Reading with all heart . . . *snail clip*

Candid smiles~


*kawaii ne*

Big sister: ReiHi-cHan, with her new alluring barrette 😉

Pretty girl~

Charming Cuppies!

Uh oh so tempting~

Heeee . . . comely!

Lil baby HidE-cHan, with her new attractive clips~ *weee*

Oh! What a melon! Watermelon ^-^

Graceful baby *kisses*

Whoops, this is not a princess, but our big bro prince KiruaMi-cHan 😀

Dressing up your kids in style is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. But, spending a lot of money does not necessarily mean your child is in style.

Together with this posting, I love to share some tips on How to Care for an Infant’s and Little Girl’s Hair for Smooth Silky Healthy Hair (yes, please apply these tips before using any hair clips or accessories to your recherche angel) .

It’s extra necessary for you to care for your child’s  hair since young age.

Using hair accessories for young children is all about imagination, and involving the little kids not only engages them in a creative activity but is also fun for them and you!


Step by step Guide:

  • Step 1: Please purchase a mild baby shampoo for your baby’s & little girl’s hair.
    Don’t forget to choose a soft brush designed for baby’s hair for brushing.

  • Step 2: Always watch for cradle cap.
    It is a normal build-up of oils on the scalp resulting in a dry, crusty flaking. Normally it looks like your baby has dry skin on the scalp. Treatment involves shampooing daily, rubbing the scalp with mineral oil an hour before shampooing and rubbing at the scalp with a soft brush called a cradle cap brush.

  • Step 3:  Do wash your infant’s & little girl’s hair every few days unless he/she has cradle cap.
    Lean your baby’s head back to wash her/his hair, leaving the scalp unprotected. Gently rub a small amount of shampoo into the scalp. Rinse dry with a wet washcloth. Avoid holding your baby’s head under running water, as this may frighten your baby.


  • Never ever use bobby pins or any material a baby could choke on if she gets the clip out of her hair and into her mouth.
  • No doubt, it’s normal for the hair a baby has at birth to fall out. New hair will grow in within a few weeks to a month.
  • Be calm if your baby starts crying during shampooing. Many newborns cry during baths due to the temperature change and the sensation of water.
  • Avoid pressing into the soft spots on the top and on the back of your baby’s head. Gently shampooing and hair brushing, please~


Wait no longer, dress up your kids in style!

Gambatte ne 😉

May God always blessed your cute family. Amin~

p/s: Stylish momma, be quick and order those chic and safe hair clips for your lil angel, while stock last! It doesn’t get any better than this. Do visit our latest honorable sponsor:

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Have fun and enjoy your day~

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