My Life After RedGlow’s Make Up Class (using LovingMinerals Makeup) and My New Bling Bling!

Good afternoon  attractive ladies 😉

Wish you’re in splendiferous health *hugs*

Okie dookie, a lil update from me today. Do you still remember about this post?

Alhamdulillah, after my sponsored makeup class, I try my best to combine the techniques to create natural face images by using LovingMinerals makeup.

Genuinely, I asked my makeup tutor: Miss Arlina & Miss Najwa to guide me numerously in “Shading“. I’m so clueless regarding this before but now I’m worried no more *Alhamdulillah*.

Miss Najwa said I’ve skilled in using makeup *oh, thank you my sweet teacher!*, and she motivates me to do a lot of practices. Due to that, everyday before my special private time with my hubby, I try my best to apply “shading” makeup! It’s worth it >_< *tears!*

My tips: I’m using Dirt from LovingMinerals for “shading” purpose. It works like wonder *super happy*

Important Notes:
I do not “Photoshop” my below photos especially those of my face/skin. I only wish to introduce good products that I find useful for myself. I use “Photoshop” to insert the copyright watermark words only. Clarification: In all pics, I didn’t used false lashes.

My new natural look *hoho!*


Close-up please ^-^

So go on my ladies, what’s stopping you?

Have a go and try this great makeup class, it’s lots of fun and you will have learn a life skill. *Trust me, your hubby will loves your new looks! Same like my King, heeee >O< *

Need proves?

Because he’s one joyful guy this month, he sponsored for the whole makeover with new furniture and he even bought me:

Black Silk Suede 4-inch high heels, simply gorgeous >_<
I wore for my “dating” time & last Saturday at WAHM Workshop *winks*

New earring stand for his beloved wife heee *thanks darling*

Presenting my earring collection 😀 Tidy up~

Another close-up please . . . heee
I’m wearing those in bedroom! Same like my stilettos collection >_<

New ballerina pump, oh so cozy + comfy (I love it!)
Stepping out for New Years Eve in style *double-giggles*

This is my old ballerina pump 🙂 Like it to infinity, why?
Matching with my favorite “Blook” executive trousers,
I could run fast as I’m flying like a unicorn

It’s the small things in life that make me happy, morning kiss from my dear husband and triple kisses from my angelic kids before bedtime & after asleep*awww heartthrob*

I need to stop this madness, but I can’t. I’m addicted to my family. It makes me smile. It makes me sing love songs on shower, and skip down the street, and run through big piles of leaves.

In all honesty, it is making me feel oh so wonderful, and I don’t even know why. (It’s call L.O.V.E, rite?) 😉

Oh dear, now, now . . .I can go on and on. Such a cute post gives a real insight into the type of person one is. Even though it is based on the small things of life, it somehow reflects what one really loves in life.

Anyone with me?

Your turn my friends

Do quote me, what makes you happy? 😉

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Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

29. December 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. Oh..darling dear..

    I’m such an envy person to you..
    mmm.. need some tips.. heee..
    need to talk in private nih…

  2. Dear compassionate lady Miss Yus 😉

    Gosh, I don’t think you should envy with me darl, as you’re tha perfectionist! *giggles*

    Err, is it dare/death question? *gasp* Any clues, perhaps? Heee >0<

  3. lurve that suede shoes!! not easy finding my size for that one, u know.

    I am very indeed needs to learn shading skills in makeup too! any chance more makeup class, just a mini one?

    What make me happy? Gosh..many things..maybe I need to blog on this..thanks for the ideas! ;D Wink!

  4. Dear brilliant lady Miss Hanz 😉

    Thank you very much for your lovely compliment *blushes*, oh, I heart your gladiator heels too, gorgeous!

    Yes, you may spotted huge different with my makeup changes from year 2006 till today, rite? Believe me, those class are great! I can’t find better makeup guru than my tutor: Miss Arlina & Miss Najwa. Do try, okie dookie?

    Please, I’m so excited and glad to read about things that make you happy 😀 All the best and happy new year sweetie chic *hugs*

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