Update: December 2009 (Homeschool Module, Shopping Spree, New Sponsor, Gifts, Cooking)

Hola pretty mommies 😀

Wish you were in lovely day *hugs*

So, how’s your day been so far?

Hope everything will be perfectly blessed. Amin~ >_<

Alhamdulillah, we’re very excited! Can’t wait to explore and challenge ourselves to do something different each day.

I hope you’ll simply enjoy a good times together and celebrate for the last one year with your family.

“For every woman who has made the choice to be at home and take care of your kids and you can afford to do that . . . that is really God’s holiest work, the sacred work everyday, there is no higher calling than raising children who are kind, who live with grace, and are going to be generous beings in the world. There isn’t anything greater !” -The Oprah Show, Oprah Winfrey, January 7, 2009

Unquestionably, you may read 2 more entries for this week 😉 Do check it out, okie dookie?

Insya-Allah, in January 2010, I’ll try my best to update post about:  charity concert stage show, our big day, Innerbeauty Share-Day (with videos! *LovingMinerals*), and our humanitarian job. And I’ve more than 30 pictures of homemade meals to update for December 2009 menu (gosh!).

Oh, yes. If you still interested to join WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza this Saturday (26th December 2009) , do email me for extra seats.  Definitely we’re still open for February 2010 event 😉

Another teaser for “Our Big Day” entry ^0^

Just a lil bit of update for last 2 weeks:

Shopping Spree with my cute kids *Alhamdulillah* XD

Will update details soon ^_-

For me: more important than all the gifts in the world – is my private time with my family. Once per week, I take one “special moment” and spend it with each one of my children – just me and that one child spending time together all day doing whatever they want to do. We spend time together one-on-one “hanging out”. It is fantastic!

We have fabulous conversations everywhere! In the car, on the road, at our destinations, on the way back – non-stop talking. I always tell them they can ask me anything and I will always answer truthfully. That simple rule makes for some amazing chat, believe me!

Honestly, I guess my ideal view of how a “family” operates is that everyone is truly implicated in things they enjoy, and then they happily converge as a family unit to response, recharge, recap, regroup and relax.

Determinedly, my husband and me do keep up with “romantic dating” three times weekly. Because for us, dating doesn’t have to end after marriage. Certainly, one of the best benefits of marriage is that you have a permanent dating partner *heee*. Don’t let the fun end after the honeymoon. So, my ladies, don’t forget to spice up your marriage 😉

I hope you may squeeze in a special day for each one of your kids and your hubby this holiday season. Isn’t that what it is all about: Family ? You will have an incredible time doing the simplest things. The best gift you can give your children and husband is your undivided attention, time and love.

Teaser: Special gifts from PlayHouse Disney to my kids *thank you!* 😉

Yep, it’s heavy gifts! 3kg >O<

New gifts from new sponsor!

Teaser: Homemade meals ^-^

Again, another teaser: Homemade meals ^_^

My kids homeschool paperwork 😀 *and lots more!*

Starting from Semester I, year 2010,
we changed from “Praise Ribbons” to “Praise Cards”.
Method will be different, yearly >_<

Some of paper-cutting activities in our homeschool module~

Playing with “alphabets” and “words” with my kids ^0^

Gifts from my mum to my kids *hugs, thank you eleemosynary mum! 😉 *

Some pics of candies and chocolate from Italy *thank you lovable granny* ^-^
p/s: granny is totally different person from my sweet grandma.

p/s: I’ll try my best to reply your cute email before New Year eve, gorgeous ladies >_<


Keep on your super-excellent job mommies 😉 Homeschooling is ROCK!

May Allah swt always bless your family. Amin~

Gambatte ne! *cuddles*

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23. December 2009 by MamaFiza
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