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Another games update from me.  Do excuse me because at work this has been a very busy week (well, month) for me, my wife and kids.

There’s still a lot to be done, but it’s a nice feeling to be where we are having done as well as we did. Besides outside of work it’s been a little busier than anticipated as well.

That’s why my dearest wifey: Miss mamafiza can’t update this blog for last 2 weeks.

Okie, do you know what’s an appealing game theme for a busy-dad? Warfare! *haha hehe haha ho*


Infinity Ward has always created epic moments in their campaign modes, with Modern Warfare 2 , I naturally had very large expectations.

The story picks up 5 years after Modern Warfare and it’s immediately obvious that if you didn’t play the original you’ll miss out on a lot of the references and plot twists. Then again, if you haven’t played Modern Warfare 1 you most likely have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. Go out and get it right now . . . go ahead . . . we’ll wait.


Good! 😀

You commandeer, the new guy, who has an even better nickname than Soap

Imran Zakhaev (the bad guy from the first game) is dead, and while he was your main enemy in Modern Warfare.

In Modern Warfare you and you are the cause for his death, the world sees things a different way. Russia practically worships the guy since they have named just about everything after him. jumped between two characters, one in the marines and one in the S.A.S.

You spent the most time with “Soap” Mctavish (S.A.S.) and more importantly was shot at the end of the last story. However it seems as that he pulled through and is now Captain Mctavish and you are once again commandeer, the new guy who has an even better nickname than soap . . .  you now play as Roach and you serve under Mctavish as they try and take down another terrorist who popped up in Zakhaev’s place.


Once again the Modern Warfare jumps between characters only this time instead of Marines and S.A.S you’re now jumping between Rangers and Task Force 141. Our guess it’s because the Marines dropped the ball with the whole nuke thing and the S.A.S are washing their hair. For reasons that are never quite explained Mctavish is now out of the S.A.S. and working as the squad leader in 141. Once again, the American forces are all about getting from point A to point B in the most violent way possible while Task Force 141 is more about ending the fight quickly, quietly and efficiently.

The story is amazing but criminally short. Lasting only 4-6 hours depending on the difficulty and, of course, your skill. In addition it felt as though Infinity Ward jumped on the money first train towards the end of the campaign as characters are suddenly betrayed for reasons that are never explained and the Ranger side of the story is simply never finished. It felt as though they we’re pushing for the release date and had to cut the story short.

[stextbox id=”grey”]The story simply feels unfinished, as if the impeding release date forced an abrupt ending[/stextbox]

Modern Warfare 2’s story, while short, is sweet and by no means is the game’s only appeal. Spec Ops is a new 2 player Co-Op mode where you and a buddy can team up via split screen, system link to tackle missions and areas from both the first Modern Warfare and the second. For instance one person is on the ground trying to reach an extraction zone while the other person sits high above in an AC-130 Gunship and pulls support. Sound Familiar? To fans of the first one it does. All Spec Op missions are tuned for Co-Op but if you have no friends you can attempt them alone, but things will be more difficult this way.

If you spotted this on my wife’s Facebook wall,
that’s me updating my latest trophies via my Sony PS3 Slim 😀

The Multiplayer that was so amazing on Cod 4 is just as addictive as Modern Warfare, things that we all hated in Call of Duty 4 have either been taken out or tweaked enough to make the entire experience feel both nostalgic and new. The M16 which was basically the “I WIN” gun in CoD 4 has been changed from a weapon that was available right away to a weapon you have to work for and is only unlocked in the higher levels. Also, Juggernaut is gone from the perk list and is now a 9 second boost to your health that only happens if you have it equipped and only after you die 4 times in a row without killing anyone.


Kill streak rewards are back and better than ever, you can now fully customize what you can call in and you do have a large selection which includes everything from a UAV all the way up to a Tactical Nuclear bomb. While it sounds like everyone would be using the Nuke which kills everything on the map and ends in victory for whoever called it in, almost no one can use it since you need a 25 kill streak for it to become available.

Modern Warfare 2 is an Epic sequel to a stellar game and has pushed the Call of Duty franchise to the next level. Though I can’t shake that feeling of the game not being complete it was still a hell of a ride while it lasted. The Spec Ops bring Co-Op to a new level that I haven’t felt since Army of Two was first released and the multiplayer gives this game enough longevity to keep it fun till Modern Warfare 3 comes out.

p/s: My parenting mantra while playing this game, I told them: “Kids, this is just a GAME, it’s NOT real“.

Alright then, roger and out!

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