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Did you agree that: If you look good, you feel good? *I do*

Certainly we should all try to dress our kids to look their best but sadly many people not even care about their children physical appearance.

Plus, being fortuneless isn’t an excuse for being dirty or slovenly. Significantly as clothing goes that’s what garage sales, online stores and thrift stores are for many good, nearly new and stylish outfits can be found there. Doesn’t take a lot of money to look good!

Today, I would like to share about “How to Dress Your Kids in Comfort“.

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Kindly note: just because something looks good on a hanger, though, doesn’t mean it will be comfortable or practical for the child. To dress children appropriately, parents need to know their kids’ activity levels, body type, daily needs and daily schedule and respond to it accordingly.

My kids in their comfy apparel ^_- Alhamdulillah~

As a mother of four, I don’t worry too much what my children wear except as long as they are comfortable, neat, clean, hygienic and fresh looking – that’s all that really matters to me. “Comfort” matters the most to my family and me. However of course, I would never get too comfortable that makes everyone in the family looks out-of-place.


No sweat, rite? Versatile!


Happy-go-lucky 😉

My family comes first before myself in all respects. If they doesn’t look well kept and clean, no matter how I am looking I will be looking lunatic.

Sorry, but I disgust to see a mother with her hair and nails done; donning the latest fashions when her child is looking miserable. That is simply ridiculous.

Please do remember that your kids are the best accessories to any of your outfit. They are a direct reflection on you, and you can’t look good if you kid doesn’t.



  • Do think wisely: Little girls may look absolutely precious in ruffles and lace, but let’s be honest, for their daily homeschool routine, your kids will more likely love to wear simple outfit for fun activities. Practical clothes please!
  • Buy with an eye on your kids’ proclivities: If your child is very active, buy clothing that will allow him to run, jump and play.
  • Make it easy on yourself and your baby. Provide your toddlers (potty-training child) to wear “easytomanageoutfits” or described as “dashngo” style clothing. They need simple to unfasten/snap, or pull-on type clothing during the day.
  • Dont forget to include simple to zip jackets with a built-in hood in their wardrobe list.
  • Buy items that count as “classic” and “timeless“, especially when the child gets to school; T-shirts, Polo’s, simple dresses and shorts always work, and you can add trendy accessories.


Below is recent video from our kids *Alhamdulillah*:
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Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.


  • Buy clothing one size too large, and make sure the clothing is made of comfortable fabric,  give extra consideration to clothing that contains elastic.
  • Please stay away from clothing for girls that inappropriately sexualizes them, or boys’ clothing that is printed with inappropriate messages.
  • Don’t dress your child in lace-up shoes unless he/she can tie and untie them himself/herself. Till then, pick slip-on‘s or Velcro. Avoid include drawstrings, ties and badly sewn hems.

Tadaa . . . kiddies with their very own brand new Canon Pixma MP145 ^-^


May you’ve a super happy fun time! Do try dress up game with your child.

Gambatte ne 😉

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