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Not my first attempt at blogging, but welcome anyway to my world.  Yeah right, I’ve decided that I should contribute something useful for this blog as “sharing is caring“. I have been here before, started a blog added about five posts and then given up *haha hehe haha ho*.

But I also should take down that ancient website that describes what I was doing about 5 years ago.  I am definitely “technically challenged” when it comes to setting these things up. So this time I will just have to knuckle down and do some posting. Let’s see how it goes this time…

My main goal with this blog is going to be to answer related questions, share a little bit of humor in the form of some of the funny things in life and have a chance to share the things that are on my mind. The majority of topics will be centered around: games, IT, high-tech, self-defense (mix martial arts), sports, movies, music … that kind of thing.

Thanks for reading and bear with me 😀


Knowing Aikido

Aikido is one of the oldest form of martial arts. Founded by Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido came about through the studies of many different kinds of traditional martial arts, More info on Aikido try Google it.

I thought I might give my 2 cents worth about Aikido’s.

Empty your mind of preconceived ideas (The Martial Arts are not what you think they are), pay attention, do as you are told, train hard, and you will achieve things most people believe to be magic. There is no magic, just knowledge … earned through hard work.

Believe me you will get a workout from Aikido. Especially the more you do it. Sometime you’ll pair up with upper level students who may want to go a little faster. Believe me being thrown around for and hour or so will get you in shape, it’s an art you can practice to an old age and you will be always learning trying to perfect the perfect balance.

Aikido trains your state of mind. To be at peace.  In the event of a attack, I think that Aikido would have helped me get into a calm state of mind to end the situation quickly and safely or enable me to talk my way out.

It’s up to you really. It comes down to what you like. I’m mean do you really wanna go force on force with a guy who is maybe 2 times your size. Just use his force against him or better yet walk away.

As a relatively new student of Aikido, I’ve discovered that every time I think I’ve ‘mastered‘ a technique or concept, a new revelation appears and I become completely humbled.

p/s: This posting merely my personal view of  Aikido, and are not necessarily endorsed by my dojo or other aikido practitioners (aikidoka) in general.

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15. October 2009 by The King
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  1. Salam…

    Finally The King arrived.
    We should hear from you sometimes..
    From man’s point of view about homeschooling..

  2. thanks,

    yes, I’m back to rock this blog..

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    Celebrities such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal,
    John Claude Van Damme and Jet Li, have made these arts
    extremely popular amongst the youngsters. Kickboxing is a full contact
    sport that was introduced in the 1960s.

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