Between Two Worlds

What’s the most important part of your life? Family or Job?

IMHO, the best part of generating income from home is the freedom it brings.

Alhamdulillah, I work from home and set my own hours.  I design & write whenever I’m inspired to.

Hence I get to spend my time doing what I love most – homeschooling my kids, cooking for hubby & kiddies and helping others do the same.  There’s nothing I’d rather do than this.

What I’ve Been Up To Lately?

I’ve been busy! Most of the time there is NO time to write out a blog.

Life is incredibly full and exciting right now. Thank you for being so supportive of me and the work that I’ve done. It has meant a lot.

The past few weeks have been very hectic and busy for me. We begin our 3rd Homeschool Trimester for this year and I just started my work schedule on 12th October 2009 (after Eid Break). We’ll start continue our dancing class on November 2009 (Yep, we’ve stop for a while due to respect the month of Ramadan & Syawal).

I need to postponed update for advertorial sponsorship till end of this week because I’ve been invited to another urgent VIP job yesterday. And YouTube video for LovingMinerals will be update by next week.

Guess what? I’m wearing Sweet Natural Classic Lolita Makeup Style for the event >_<

p/s: please scroll down to read more details. Thank you ladies!

What’s Next?

I plan on having a BBQ nite/camping/skate event for next family field trip by end of this month. Insya-Allah, hopefully it will be extremely fun 🙂

The King will generously contribute weekly articles for 😉 Check it out posting by the King. Yippie!


My kids science experiment on Monday : How the Wind Works?

Explaining on how to convert wind energy into electrical energy 😀


We used: Plactic Tube + Plastic Wheel + Sponge Knob

+ Tiny Wooden Stick + Medium Size Wooden Stick with Hole


I still owe 2 extra project with my kids for this week.

Hint: Time Traveler & Chinese Traditional Game ^0^


New present received from the King yesterday, before I start my work.
Alhamdulillah, thanks hunnie 😉

I’m using :

  • Finishing Powder: Sand Silk from LovingMinerals
  • Mineral Foundation: Lumiere Light Medium Beige from LovingMinerals
  • Eyes: Eyelid primer (Cream Soda) from LovingMinerals
  • Eyebrow: Dirt from LovingMinerals
  • Cheek: Cherry Blossom from LovingMinerals
  • Lipstick: P11 from Water Shine Pure Maybelline New York
  • Lip Gloss: 14 Dazzling Pink from Glam Shine 6H L’OREAL Paris
  • Mascara: Black from Volume Express Turbo Boost® Waterproof Maybelline New York
  • Eyeliner: 131 Jet Black from Contour Khol L’OREAL Paris, Ice White from Unstoppable  Maybelline New York

And…Voila!  Sweet Natural Classic Lolita Style ^-^

Important Notes:
I do not “Photoshop” my below photos especially those of my face/skin. I only wish to introduce good products that I find useful for myself. I use “Photoshop” to insert the copyright watermark words only. Clarification: In all pics, I didn’t used false lashes.

Tadaa . . . ^_-

This is my face expression when I disagree.

So please beware *lol*


Love the “deep eye-set”  & luscious lips >_<

Please do put away any misconceptions you may have. Gothic Lolita is not necessarily related to what you think of as “Goth” nor pedophilia.

Sweet Natural Classic Lolita Style Tips & Trick!

  • Try to look as natural as possible. Try to match your makeup to the style. Gothic? Dramatic deep eye shadows and a full lip work well.
  • Do not use white face makeup. It looks very costume-like and terribly discourage.
  • Be confident! Because the beauty of goth makeup is that it wasn’t designed to look “suitable”.
  • For the Gothic makeup look, eyes are emphasized more by outlining the eyes with black eyeliner. Cheeks are kept pale and natural, and lips are painted a nude or peach color to look very natural and muted compared to the dark eye color. This makeup look is perfect for geometric print, minimalist and monochromatic fashion styles.


So thats that. Life is good, keep moving forward dearest mommies!

May God bless you. Amin~

About MamaFiza

Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

14. October 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. Salam..

    🙂 I’m smiling alone in front of the PC looking at your ‘disagree’ face.. Heheh… I’m always like that especially when you don’t have your heart to scold your babies.. (muka comel toye, camne nak marah!!!)–> nak marah ke tak, muka kita pun jadi pelik..hahah…

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Miss Yus 😉 *tickles*

    May God bless your special day! Hoho, thank you for your comical comment, the sun is shining brighter cause you really make my day >_<

    Gosh, I love to make facial expression (especially for my VIP client!). Daily practice with my kiddies 😀
    Good social skills may depend on the ability to read facial expressions. So please do teach kids about emotions by using your cute facial expressions.

    Have fun cutie pie ^-^

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