Gardening with Toddler and Preschooler

Good morning lovable mommies 😉

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Do you like to garden?

I love to garden and plant things, and for us anytime is a great time to get started!

How about helping your child plan and plant a garden?

Yes (A-Z), from preparing the soil, selecting the plants, planting seeds or transplants, watching them grow to finally harvesting the “crops”. With no doubt, gardening is a great family bonding time 😀

Note: Do remember, young children love to touch, and fingers often end up in their mouths, so organic and pesticide-free plants are safest.

So today topic: Gardening & Watering with Toddler and Preschooler >_<

Toddlers and preschoolers are extremely curious by nature, and constantly wanting to learn new things and take on new challenges.

My boy: KiruMi-cHan! Good job bro ^-^

Oh yes, sometimes, it might be difficult to imagine your lil ones gardening or even interested in it. Don’t stop there, firstly do talk to your children about your love of gardening, and why you do what you do.

Believe me, once they become engaged in gardening, there may be no stopping them ^0^

Big bro KiruaMi-cHan in action ^-^

Did You Know?
Pond water can be used to water other plants in the garden, therefore conserving water by eliminating the use of the garden hose. Simply dip a watering can into the pond to care for other plants and trees throughout the yard.

Below is new video from our kids *Alhamdulillah*:
Watering a Garden is FUN 😉

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

Why Need to Start Gardening with Your Child?

  • Early Experience in Nature – Inspire your child to fascinate and curiosity about the natural world around them, and the importance of the Earth plus green environment.
  • Develop Self-Responsibility – Allowed your child to plant the items that interest him/her, they may feel a responsibility to maintain those plants.
  • Learning & Bonding Time – If gardening is important to you, then it may already be important to your child.  Ensure that children understand why it is important to garden, and why organic practice is the best practice.

How to Start?

  • Start early as possible and start with small tasks. Keep gardening times short. Break it all up with different activities and present it in a fun way.
  • Educate your children about using gardening to be “eco-friendly” by talking/discussing/watching related movie/documentary. Task to reveal to your child:
  1. Talk to your toddler about gardening basics.
  2. The names of the flowers and vegetables you are going to plant.
  3. Why seeds need to be sown.
  4. How plants develop from seeds.
  5. How flowers develop from buds.
  6. How sunlight affects plant growth.
  7. Why plants must be watered.
  8. How to know when a vegetable is ripe for picking.
  9. Why butterflies are attracted to flowers.
  10. How the weather affects plants.
  • Equip with their own gardening tools.
  • Praise their hard-work & victories with your hugs & kisses. When a vegetable is ripe, show your toddler how to pick it. Your child will discover how fun and rewarding it is to maintain a vegetable garden. Plus, you are saving money and he/she is eating healthy. Time to make homemade salad fiesta!


Lil YunaFi-cHan in garden ^_-


Have a fun day mommies 😉

Please share what you’re doing in your garden with us!

See ya later~

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