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InnerBeauty Share-Day @Thursday.

Ohaiyo gozaimas cute mommies 😉

May you’ve a lovely day *snuggles*

Alhamdulillah, as I promised earlier, I’ll share tips on LovingMinerals eyes make-up.

This post is a teaser for upcoming video tutorial: Dangerously Crave (Green) >_<

A lil story behind this masterpiece, firstly I’m kinda nervous as I never wear green before for my eyes. I’m afraid it’ll turn-out as “HULK” or end-up like “SHRIEK”, lol. But amazingly, it’s very natural & sparkling looks.

*OMG, my hubby loves my new makeup! *

I brush down with “Cream Soda” and add-on white outer liner for refreshing images.

I’m using :

  • Finishing Powder: Sand Silk
  • Mineral Foundation: Lumiere Light Medium Beige
  • Eyes: (Cream Soda + Green Glimmer + Cat’s Eye + Envy + Deep Forest Green)
  • Eyebrow: Dirt
  • Cheek: Cherry Blossom
  • Lip Gloss: 158 Nude + Sugarplum Kisses
  • Mascara: Black

And…wal-lah~ Dangerously Crave (Green) ^-^

Tadaa. . . 😀
Clarification: BTW, in this pics, I didn’t used false lashes.

Important Notes:
I do not “Photoshop” my below photos especially those of my face/skin. I only wish to introduce good products that I find useful for myself. I use “Photoshop” to insert the copyright watermark words only.

Me in Dangerously Crave theme!

^-^ me!

the he he . . .

Uh oh!

Hmm. . .


Smiles. . .

Will you try this color too?


Daa. . .

Daily tips: If you’ve skinny face like me, try to use blusher. You’ll have a plum cute rosy cheeks.

If you try to hide your “chubbiness“, do use bronze (with NO glitter!) instead of blusher. You’ll look slimmer!

Gambatte ne momma!~


Will update later with tutorial video ^-^
Thank you for your time reading my post 😉

Please do take great care and may God bless your day sweetie!

p/s: Gazillion thanks to those whom sincerely sent me email. I’ll try my best to reply on my working hour: 10th October 2009. Deeply sorry as I’m currently busy with my kids lap book homeschool project. Kindly advise.

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01. October 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. Use bronze to look slimmer, aye? can try that for me..hemmm..never use bronze in my life coz i always think bronze can darken my skin, he,he..

    U do look gorgeous

    dear, i suddenly have this fantastic idea (according to me-lah :>) why not u hold a makeup workshop using loving minerals…bet those been using LM keen to attend. Me managed to influence quite a number of blogger friends & some did mentioned, they ‘feel’ like trying LM. Then, we can have fun make-up each other. Gosh, love to be makeup by you & perhaps in green hues? never tried green hues too.. :>

  2. Dear sizzling lady Miss Hanz 😉

    Gosh, thank you so much for your sweet compliment *blushes* >_< Really appreciate it.

    Oh, yes. Bronze may change your looks to slimmer and hot! Truly admire Miss Rihanna (International singer) bronze make-up style. Insya-Allah, I'll make video about it by Dec 2009. Imagine this symbol (I) is your bridge of the nose. Please use it (bronze) to this direction of your face: I /

    If using blusher (to make cute chubby), use by this direction: L I J

    Hope this tips could help you 🙂

    OMG, I'me very honor to do LM Make-up Workshop. Is there more than 10-20 persons? May I know their budget? I love to cover the basic: skincare, 10 eyes make-up style (daily/office/dinner/glam), shaping & grooming eyebrows, fake lashes, shading, lips. I'll ask Miss Ilyncia about it, hopefully contestant will get freebies. Insya-Allah will reply you later via email after I receive details price from LM!

    Thanks honey for making my day. God bless ya! *hugs*

  3. Dear, glad that u’ve ponder upon my ideas, surely will wawarkan in my chatterbox once i get the details. Thanks!

  4. Thank you sweetie lady Miss Hanz 😉

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