PhotoBlog: J. Co Donuts & Coffee – City Square Johor Bahru

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Good afternoon a la mode mommies 😉

A lil update for our photoblog collection: Donuts Dream! ^-^

“Bagels and doughnuts….round food for every mood~Chandler, Friends TV Show”

Just can’t resist the “smoothness” in every bite of J CO!

Our favorite picks: Hazel Dazel, Alcapone, Why Nut, Heaven Berry>_<

Preparation. . . ^-^


Lovely kids *alhamdulillah*


Ho ho ho!


Smiles n cheese~


Pose ei ei!


Dont forget to try J.CO Donuts!

Have a remarkable day mommies 😀

Please do enjoy your day with your lil angel.

May God bless your family. Amin~

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30. September 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. We’ve tried jco donuts too recently.At Giant Kota Damansara, nearby my office.My fav is the one with coffee dose.can’t remeber it’s name.

  2. Hi there Miss Hanz tha cutie 😉

    Its it “Snow White” flavor? >_<

    Gosh, sorry dear, I'm not good in eat anything related to coffee nor drink coffee *silly me*

    But both us: my husband and I, craze for "chocolate!". Anything CHOC! Just love the smell and the taste of pure cocoa.

    We vote for J.CO compared to others due to the donuts are really delicious, smooth and not too sweet like some places. Plus, ambience is great for chit-chat time with our beloved kids.

    Miss ya!

  3. Assalamualaikum Mama Fiza my dear pal !

    I just loooove donuts especially in chocolate flavor … duh ! u make me craving ! :p

  4. Dear sweetie pie Miss Ummi Hanie 😉

    W’salam *tickles*

    Another (CHOC) donuts lover, too? High-5!

    Dont wait any longer, do grab your J.CO Donuts today >_<

    p/s: Is there any nearest J.CO's around your house area?

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