How to Handle a Shopping Trip with Your Child

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In conjunction with Eid Eve, we’ve took the opportunity to shop for our adorable kids new apparel, and yes, it’s for their outfits for homeschool daily routine : 3rd semester (year 2009) *after completing our 2nd semester*.

Due to that, I love to share some tips on “How to Handle a Shopping Trips with Your Child“. Do you regularly take your child shopping with you?

I do online shopping, most of the time I shopped for books & clothes (for my family 😀 ). Online shopping is fantastic, it makes my life easier. It’s really convenient and your order will be right at your doorstep within 3-7 days. Occasionally, I dont have time to go to the mall to shop so I rely most of the time to online shopping. Plus, I always managed to find cheaper, and online shops has and not at the mall.

However, I love going to the mall with my 4 kids to stroll and look for nice things especially books, clothes, shoes and makeup.  Nowadays we went to the mall when they have mall year sale or our favorites clothing store is on sale.

Alhamdulillah, 44 pieces of new clothing for LittleKittle’s Homeschool
3rd semester, year 2009, especially for 4 cute kids 😉
My personal shopping record:
shopping the above items at the mall with 4 kids just within 2 hours ^0^

One of the things I really like about homeschool is the freedom to do math in our PJ’s if we want. Personally I didnt fancy the idea of “homeschool uniform code“. Why homeschooler need a uniform?

I always told myself “It is NOT what I wear that makes the difference, it is what I teach my children and how I teach them. And that’s in the FIRST place“.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Patience + Love + Creativity
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Books or Small Toys

Below is cute video from my baby lil HidE-cHan; in our shopping trip: I took her off from her baby seat while waiting for PaPa, then she grabbed my earrings and turned it into this:

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

  • Step 1: Plan It WELL
    Pick the right time of day. Know where you will be going and what you will be looking for. Tell the child what kind of shopping trip they can expect. Please dont go for shopping during lunchtime, it would not be a good idea. Plus, NO shopping outing during naptime. Try shopping in the morning or early afternoon on weekdays.

    Do avoid crowd as we can have more energy and creativity for responding to our child’s needs.

    Babies and small children can become dehydrated in the dry air of shopping malls, so be sure to let ’em take frequent nursing or juice breaks.

A sling or carrier worn by the parent provides far more comfort and emotional security than a stroller or grocery cart.

  • Step 2: Get them Occupied
    Asked them tons of question/opinions regarding your shopping selections, provide them skills to set the trend. Honestly, children love feeling useful and that they are helping their mother and father. Give them a short, easy list of what you are buying and have them check off items as you find them.  They will happily “help” you to find it. Then asked them to mix-and-match for next purchase 😉

    Play I-SPY items/letters/numbers, etc. Bring hand sanitizer, give ’em books and yummy healthy snacks!

  • Step 3: Take Your Time
    No RUSH. Break up major shopping events (Eid, Back-to-School) into smaller trips so your child will be free from monotonous day and enjoy their shopping moment.

  • Step 4: Smart Budget
    Know how much money you have to spend before you head out shopping. Teach your older children to budget their money themselves. Let them know how much money they will have to spend. They’ll surely be one of budget wise kids in the future!


  • Do remember that children have limits. If you are shopping with children, be alert to their needs: are they tired, hungry, potty time, overexcited by the noise and confusion, or a sweet lil hug and kisses?

  • Guide them to hold any item safely and let them know that it can be viewed but not touched. Try to say “Gosh, this is so gorgeous! But, it is breakable, so let’s just look at it together“. Even if an item cannot be purchased, it can be helpful to share the child’s enthusiasm and interest in it.

  • Remember to stop as often as possible and take a moment for lovely words, eye contact, and hugs. It’s FREE!

  • All children behave as well as they are treated. A child who is regularly given our time, undivided attention, patience, and understanding will have more tolerance for a shopping trip and any other challenging situation, than the child who must face stressful situations without this emotional support.

  • Set the stage appropriately, and you will find that even with the youngest child, shopping can be fun.


May you’ve a nice weekend gorgoeus mommies >_<

Gambatte ne!

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  1. Nice…

    penting juga mengetahui anak-anak punya keperluan ketika shopping… Supaya anak tak meragam ketika di sana…

    Tips saya, jika nak bawa anak shopping, before pegi, kite dah bagitahu ape yg kita nak buat. dan yang boleh dipilihnya ketika di sana hanya satu benda. supaya tak berlaku, anak nak banyak benda, ibu bapa tak bagi, kemudian anak menangis sekuat hati.. kan susah..heheh…

    2 cents.

    Saya baru plan untuk Shopping… Niway… Thanks a lot dear…

  2. Dear lovely lady Miss ummuabdullah, thank you for sharing 😉 May God bless your generous heart. Happy shopping ya! Take care sweetie ^0^

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