How to Take Great Photos Of Your Toddler & Preschooler while Enjoying Homeschool Routine (Sponsored by ManjakuHappy Collections)

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Today, I would like to share about “How to Take Great Photos Of Your Toddler & Preschooler while Enjoying Homeschool Routine“, that capture sincere moments of expression and reflect the unique personality of your toddler & preschooler.

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If you’ve ever tried taking a photo of a child between the ages of 2 to 5 years then you are all too familiar with the near impossibility of this task. *But it’s possible to do so, believe me! Do browse our blog for as references 😀 *

Once they become mobile, their natural curiosity and desire to learn about their environment is unleashed, and no corner of the world (or your home) is off limits.

Honestly, getting your baby pictures to look just right isn’t as hard as you might think.

modelreihiyunafi2Tadaa . . .

Things You’ll Need:

  • A digital camera
  • A lovable child
  • Colorful books
  • Stuffed animals/Toys
  • Quality time
  • Positive Energy
  • Patience & love
  • Lots of camera shots
  • Wide space/spacious e.g: green grass
  • Additional: some bubbles


Step by step Guide:

  • Step 1 Focus!Firstly, make sure you know how to focus your camera and how to set the flash. Plus, have a decent size memory card and take the biggest pictures you can*mega pixels!*

    A digital camera offers flexibility and portability. Many models are slim and sleek enough to fit in a purse or backpack which makes it easy to have one accessible at all times.

    Make sure the battery is fully charged and keep the carrying case stocked with extra batteries and memory cards.

    e.g: We use an inexpensive SONY digital camera and take great photos of our lovely kids every time 😉 Alhamdulillah*

modeljobkiruami2Yo, bro~

  • Step 2 Be well-prepared.Bring your baby’s favorite toys or stuffed animals to the portrait studio. It’s a new environment for your baby, so having familiar objects will make her more comfortable.

    Dress the child for comfort. Often in the quest for that perfect picture, parents try too hard to dress the baby in something that is more attractive than it is comfortable. If a baby is uncomfortable, he/she will only be agitated more quickly and be less likely to cooperate.

    Find something to entertain your child with, like blowing bubbles. Be prepared to take a lot of pictures and start blowing the bubbles! Be sure that you have good lighting (the evening is good when the sun is going down)

  • Step 3 Identify your subject.Is your toddler cranky in the mornings? Restless in the afternoon? Silly before bedtime? Does he like to dance or sing? Or have a favorite game he likes to play?

    Choose the time of day when your toddler is in his optimal mood, set the stage, then let him do the rest. You are guaranteed to capture winning moments in the process.

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    Charming boy~


  • Step 4 Be creative : Think outside the box.

    Don’t frame your shot with your toddler facing center front every time. Take the shot from above, looking down on your toddler. Take it from below, looking up at him or her. Take it off center. Try a side or back view. Catch her looking up, down, or sideways, or tilt your camera and take the shot at an angle.

    Sometimes just changing your position or your camera’s point of view can make a dramatic difference in the shot.

  • Step 5Be natural.To achieve a natural smile, make your toddler laugh. Catch him/her off guard with an exaggerated sneeze. Tell a funny joke. Make a funny face.

    Say a funny word. Words like “choochoo!”, “doink” and “boing” said at just the right volume with just the right inflection and facial expression are sure winners.Words like “French fries”, or “turkey”, also force the mouth into a natural smile shape.

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  • Step 6Let your child be your guide.
    Don’t force your toddler to pose for a picture. Follow him/her around and catch him/her interacting with his natural environment, animals, or people. Point out interesting objects along the way. To get him/her to remain still for the shot you want to take, engage him/her in conversation about the shell, stick, or pile of leaves he/she is examining, for example.

    If he/she is fully engrossed and you want him/her to look up, or turn his/her head to capture the expression on his/her face, make an exclamation, such as “Look at that (bugs/clouds/etc) over there!” The more outrageous the better. Encourage him/her to explore, run, hop, skip and jump. Stand back and snap away.

  • Step 7 Use your environment.
    Whether indoors or out, colors and textures add depth and dimension to your photos. Interesting looking trees, colorful leaves and colorful backgrounds give your photos personality.
  • Step 8Be spontaneous.
    Sometimes the best shots are those you least expect. Take chances. With a digital camera you can always go back and edit the ones you don’t like.

    Experiment with lighting. If the baby is very young a flash might be too upsetting. Instead try to use natural light. If you feel like you must use a flash try bouncing it.


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  • Step 9 Snap as many as it takes.
    You need lots of different angles, so get down low, stand up high, lay on the ground. A lot of times your doing these funny things will add to the laughter of your child and make for an even better shot.
  • Step 10Praise!
    Praise your child
    for their good behavior while capturing the moment. *hugs n kisses!*
  • Step 11 – Find some good editing software, perhaps the software that came with your digital camera.
    Be sure to edit the stuff you don’t want in the back ground like cars other people, piles of trash >_<


  • Try using props to add interest to the photo and give the baby something to do.
  • Don’t get frustrated. Sometimes you have to wait to get the picture you want.
  • Natural sunlight is the best. Plan an outing or play date at the beach or park.
  • Toddlers move around a lot. Work fast *avoid delay*. Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to make a day of it.
  • Make it fun for the whole family 😀


You are now on your way to taking better toddler and preschooler photos.

Don’t forget to try these tips with your toddler!

Gambatte ne 😉

May Allah swt always blessed your family. Amin~

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