First Apparel Sponsorship for LittleKittle & Book In-Print (TEASER)

Good morning cheerful mommies 😉

Wish you were in superb health *hugs*

Just a lil teaser for this week >_<

Alhamdulillah, yesterday we received lovely parcel from our remarkable sponsor: Miss *i*a (proud owner of kid boutique). My kids love their new apparels and they’re totally happy in their photo-shoot moment.

Wanna know more about her adorable products? Please wait this Friday, we’ll reveal the secret within ^-^


Tadaa . . . *thank you my lady Miss *i*a*!


Cutie package >_< Love it!

Oh, yes. Last Friday, we’ve sent our Book In-Print – Hidden Discovery: Reading with Your Baby & Toddler via PosLaju to generous customers. *thanks a lot for your support! tickles* Luckily, 65% of gorgeous momma just obtained their book.


Our 1st book 😉

p/s: End of this week, I’ll post the complete pictures of our special book! *Insya-Allah* Only our 1st batch customers know about it. Can you guess the color of our book cover? *winks*

Note: If you’re one of our clients whom still didn’t get your parcel till 27th July 2009, please do email me at mamafiza[@] , so we could help you regarding this matter. Okie dookie? Gazillion thanks 😀

Thank God, my daily reading time with my babies & kids: this experience, more than anything before, deeply changed our family’s life  in such a dramatic way.

I’m very grateful to have experienced it and will continue to recommend it heartily to anyone whom like to find and start their very first step in homeschool.

Just the simplicity of these routines speaks volumes for me as a mother. These are my most memorable cherished moments with my kids, because they completely value and trust me, as their mom, teacher and friend.

Because of these special moments, I continuously strive to be a better teacher and individual.

May you’ve the best times with your children as well 😉 Have FUN!

p/s: Email me if you need RM 10 discount voucher to purchase our Book In-Print, only 31 books left >_<

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16. July 2009 by MamaFiza
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