Makeup for Preschooler (Stage Show)

Good Friday lovely mommies 😉

Wish you were in great day *hugs*

How do you feel today?

Everybody needs to take care of their self in order to feel good about oneself. Think about it.

It works the other way around as well. If you teach your lil ones to feel good about him/herself then they are going to be taking care of themselves. *Insya-Allah*

Perfect beauty is an elusive concept, but if you can feel good about yourself by enhancing your looks, you may find more joy in your life, rite? What do your lil girl think about it?

Do you allow your preschooler to use makeup?


ReiHi-cHan’s outing purse *full with hair bands & hair clips!*


MamaFiza’s makeup bag: it’s mine 😀

With no doubt, I don’t think make-up and toddler belong in the same sentences unless it’s in a play setting.

My approach is different; I say it’s alright to play with makeup once in a blue moon, just like it’s OK to play with princess gowns, tutu, tiaras, wings and a wand.

Why? Because they are all for fantasy and dress up and have nothing to do with real life. It’s fun, it’s flashy, it’s all over her face and it usually has sparkles in it, too.

Just like I wouldn’t mind her wearing big red circles on her cheeks to be a clown, I don’t mind colors on her face for fantasy dress up other times. (And there is usually little difference between the two!)

I see nothing wrong with it because it is encouraging her to be creative and she is having fun doing it. I am a mother of 3 lil *future* lady so I will teach them to apply it age appropriately 😉

That way, there is a definitive dividing line about what’s appropriate for little girls and grown up ladies. She doesn’t confuse one for the other.

And the best fun? Let her put it on herself.

And if you’re feeling generous, let her do your face, too. Make sure you have a camera with you to capture those sweet moment >_<


Big bro & big sis secret box!


ReiHi-cHan’s private box ^-^


KiruaMi-cHan’s personal box >_<

Makeup Tips for Toddler and Kids *Note: only recommended for special live stage show* :

  • Always cleanse her skin to remove any makeup.
  • Sunscreen protect your child looks for the future.
  • Powder or mineral makeup offers a way to brighten the skin without foundation.
  • Use gentle scrubs to keep her skins fresh.
  • Neutral colors look good on lil girl.
  • Get plenty of nutritious food, be active & ensure you lil ones get uninterrupted sleep.


ReiHi-cHan with light mineral makeup for her stage charity show rehearsal day ^0^

The bottom line, I believe let kids be kids.


Enjoy your day with your beloved child 😉

Gambatte ne mommies! God bless!

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