Wiggle Waggle (Slide-Down-a-Hill)

Good morning chic mommies 😉

How’s your weekend?

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Sunday Honey Toast with Homemade Sausages ^-^

As nature lover, my adorable kids always vote for backyard games! (playing with natural elements such as sand, water and living plants 😀 ).

In no doubt, these natural playgrounds give children the opportunity to learn through cause and effect the impact they have on their immediate surroundings and the environment as a whole *Alhamdulillah*.

Dont forget, through natural learning, the outdoor classroom enhances and reinforces the lessons kids learn in every subject from math to the arts.

Learning does NOT just belong to school or formal lessons.

Children learn very quickly in the earliest years and in many ways. They do not need to be “taught” to learn, (in fact too much “teaching” too early may put them off). They are learning from everything they do.


Today, big bro KiruaMi-cHan & ReiHi-cHan loves to share their personal video on simple steps “How to Slide Down a Hill“:

Weee Wiggle!

Waaa Waggle!

Note: Please click here if you can’t view the above video.

  • Step 1: Get a box that you can sit in & you may wax the bottom of the box so that you can go faster!
  • Step 2: Climb up a hill. Sit in the box and push off. Have fun 😉


  • To make this even more fun, you may race with ’em (have a competition!)
  • Make sure the hill is steep. If not the ride will not be enjoyable.

Notes: Watch out for trees and family members. Believe me, you don’t want to crash ^0^ Safety first!

Some ideas for toddlers outdoors activities (you can do to encourage and help your young learners):

  • walk around the garden, collect leaves & insects
  • collect the letters from your letter box
  • go for walks with you round the block, in a park, or on the beach – sing a song while you walk, ride or run along
  • look at the cracks in the pavement
  • look for different letterboxes, trees or houses, e.g: a house with a blue/red roof (counting!)
  • look at, touch and smell different plants
  • find stones and sort them into groups of big and small, rough and smooth, different colours
  • find places to walk, run and slide. Roll down a hill.


Just a lil pics update: end of May 2009 *alhamdulillah*:

Lil HidE with Madam Chong: one of her weekly friends meet-up 😉

Own grandma? *smiles*
(On the list: Madam Reeny & Madam Fong!)

The Apple of my Eyes >_<

Oh Sugar! ^_-


Wish ya great day mommies ;)

May Allah swt blessed your lovely family. Amin~

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