A Journey from a Beginner to Advanced Dance Class

Happy Friday beautiful mommies,

Wish you were in lovely moment 😉

Today, love to share a lil update regarding my previous Latin Dance class *alhamdulillah*.

Guess what? Last week, I’ve moved from beginner class to advance class! *yippie*

Honestly, I just attended my 1st class in Advance Latino Dance class last week (after 2 times joinning Beginner Latino Dance class).

Why I heart dancing?
is an intellectual activity as it requires dancers to remember steps and sequences, which boosts brain power and improves memory.

Make-up before going to dance class 😀
I love “Nude” lipgloss!

My new teacher (secretly asked me not to enclosed name or pics yet) is amazingly 50+ years old! *wohoo!*

I can’t believe myself either ^0^ Perfectly proofs that dance could makes your mind & body healthy 😉

Dance gets you into your body”, says Nancy Cassman, a dance/movement therapist and founder of Express Your Self, a dance and movement center in Boulder, Colo. “In our society, people sit at desks and on couches all the time, and we’ve become very brain-oriented,” she points out. “Dance bridges the gap between the brain and the body so that you tap into your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental being.”

I’ve learned 2 new moves, practicing choreography sets of  “Bootylicious” by Miss Beyonce and learning to dance with partner!

Since last week till today, every night before sleep, the King a.k.a PaPa, generously helps me: be my dance partner to practice my dance moves. Thanks a lot darling *giggles*

My supportive husband and I practiced happily to get 5 routines ready daily. We were having such a great time dancing together and we really were like two peas in a pod.

Indeed, learning dance is like any other new skill, you must PRACTICE to be great.  Even after your first class, you should practice the basic step until it becomes part of your muscle memory.

IMHO, beginners *like me* should practice their basics well before trying all the advanced moves, and intermediate and advanced dancers should work on great footwork (turn out and pointing), leg action, and turning techniques to improve their overall performance.

Posing with my latin dance teacher: Miss Nicole & me,
lecturer of MASTERSKILL University College: Sir Uma *left*
& lecturer of University Nottingham Malaysia: Sir Victor *right*

Me with dedicated assistant of the dance class: Miss Chan 😉
Gosh, love her sincerity *hugs!*
She reminds me on my beloved grandma.

These benefits include, not only learning new dance skills, but also the vast physical benefits of dance, living a more healthy lifestyle, losing weight, being around other people (dancers) who lead positive and healthy lifestyles, being artistic & creative, making new friends and networking.

Not only will you become fitter, but research shows you can lose weight, tone flabby muscles, get your heart rate up, boost your brain power and fight dementia 😉

So what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes, mommies.

You’ll love it, and your husband will love it even more! Physical closeness and looking into each other’s eyes : these things can boost intimacy, communication and desire.

Whether you dance in a class, with your kids, or alone in your living room, you’re having fun and being healthy. And, while you’re moving your arms and feet, you’re also moving your soul, because it’s hard to be sad when you’re dancing.


Gambatte ne mommies

Please do enjoy your holiday with your lil ones.

May God bless your family. Amin~

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  3. where is this? looking for dancing class around putrajaya – bangi.. is this sumwer around? really hope u could email me..thanks

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