KickStart Breakfast by Toddlers & Preschooler

Good evening vogue mommies 😉

How’s your breakfast today?

Alhamdulillah, my kids always make me breakfast : 4 times per week!

It’s the best breakfast moment ever because my kids made it just for me.

As a mother, I love nothing more than to hear the sound of my little kids trying to figure out if the French toast or pancake is cooked enough.

Or the sound of my children’s feet creeping up the steps with my husband delivering a tray of breakfast goodies on special day.

There is something so remarkable about that moment when they wait for me to taste my hot chocolate drinks, or take a bite out of my eggs. They look so proud of themselves and I’ll remember those breakfasts for the rest of my life *Insya-Allah* 😉

It doesn’t matter what he/she makes for you and you will love it because he/she wanted to do it especially for YOU: mom! 😀

Beaten – eggs & milk 😀

French toast really was invented by French peasants who found a way to reuse their stale bread by dipping it in a delicious egg mixture and frying on a skillet.

KiruaMi-cHan’s in action *wee-hee*

ReiHi-cHan’s in action *yippie*

YunaFi-cHan’s in action *dee-dee*

Aww, this is so sweet!! They made this for me *tears* Thanks kiddies 😉

For him, by him: KiruaMi-cHan ^0^

For her, by her: ReiHi-cHan ^-^

French toast suggested toppings: pure maple syrup, powdered sugar, creamed honey, cream cheese.

Suggested servingsfruit juices and steamed veggies (gosh, we love orange juices with steamed carrots & broccoli!)


Simple tips on “How to make Breakfast Fun and Easy” :

  • Make breakfast a family occasion.
    This is often the only time in the day when the whole family is together.
    Normally, parents who eat breakfast set a good example, which their children are more likely to follow.
  • Set up the breakfast table the night before to save time in the morning.
  • Planning it with your child.
    Make sure it’s healthy and yummy!
  • Start them out with a light bite.
    Perhaps juice, toast or a glass of milk.
  • Stick to the basics.
    Serve simple foods that are nutritious and quick and easy to prepare and eat in the morning.


This Sunday morning, why not let your children make breakfast for you?

Let’s try some easy-peasy menu mommies 😉

May Allah swt blessed your lovely family. Amin~

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