Paper Bag Art for Toddler

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Today, I love to share tips on “drawing time with toddler” *giggles*

Alhamdulillah, after 1 years of training (once per week), my lovely kids remarkably improved their quality of drawing plus enhanced their expression in art appreciation.

Many children do not know that artists have learned to draw by doing observation-drawing practice. Thus, they often assume that you CAN draw or you CAN’T.

However, actually anybody can learn to draw at any age. Many children feel inferior about their own ability to draw.

Too often no parent has ever helped them learn to make a proper observation.

My boy: KiruaMi-cHan (in his 2 and half year of drawing >_< )

My girl: ReiHi-cHan (in her 1 and half year of drawing ^0^ )

My girl: YunaFi-cHan (in her 1st 4 months of drawing ^-^ )

Thus, I always explain that drawing ability comes from practice.  I call it “practice” so it isn’t as intimidating as final products.

In our homeschool method, we don’t worry too much about mistakes while we are learning. I give them some proven ways to practice and encourage them to make a many choices as possible as they learn to draw *alhamdulillah*.

Truly, I never draw to show a child how to draw do something. Learning to see is done by studying the real thing, animal, or person being drawn – not by getting the teacher to correct the work. The child should OWN the whole process and product.

Sadly, if I would show a child how something is drawn, the child would get the idea that my drawing is the answer. The child would think that his/her job is to copy my drawing/artwork. Looking at my drawing is a very poor way to learn to see for yourself.

Snakey Snake!

Happy Hippo!

Tame Tiger!

I never ask my child to copy a picture made by me, by another artist, or by a camera.

I have them practice from actual objects or models.  When children do copy work for fun on their own, I do not condemn them for this, but I do withhold compliments for copied work, and I withhold all encouragement related to copy work.

I encourage them to practice from actual objects – never working from pictures.

I am often amazed at some of the elaborate drawings that a child can make. Think about the amazing thinking habits that are being fostered by this approach.


Here are some tips on “Animal Paper Bag Art“:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Paper bag
  • Crayon
  • Pencil
  • Marker (black)
  • Eraser

Step by step guide

  • Step 1 : Draw.
    Help your child to sketch & draw their favorite animal on the paper bag with pencil. Then layered with black marker.
  • Step 2 : Coloring Time!
    Let your lil angel to color and scribble the paper bag with their selection of colors.
  • Step 3 : Rewards.
    Praise your child
    *hugs n kisses!*. Show time!



  • Mistakes are normal. Always prepare them in advance for what to expect so that they can be pleased with what works rather than disappointed by what does not work.
  • Before starting, do take extra time to discuss some details of a small area where the child will start. This gives focus, familiarity, and confidence. Visual information is useless unless you notice it.

Tadaa *ho ho ho!*


Don’t forget to try this easy project with your toddler!

Gambatte ne ;)

May Allah swt always blessed your family. Amin~

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  1. sebelum ni saya fikir anak saya tak suka mewarna,bila baca post ni, baru tahu saya salah approach…

    Thanks mamafiza…

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