Latin Dance for Toddler & Kids

Ohaiyo lovely mommies 😉

Wish you were in marvelous day *cuddles*

Alhamdulillah, yesterday I’ve started my first Latino dance lesson with my adorable petite teacher: Miss Nicole 😉

Gosh! She’s a wonderful lady in person. I truly adore her patient, graceful moves & generosity. Gazillion thanks for your sweet tips to me, teacher! *hugs*

I genuinely enjoy my dance class: it’s ultimate FUN! Can’t wait for my future lesson  next week 😉 I love it!

In one hour session, I learned how to “cha cha“, “mambo” & “rumba” plus how to move your body seductively *aww! my hubby’s fav ^0^ Thank you teacher!*

Nevertheless, my new friends are so supportive! Thank you 😀

IMHO, to learn Latin dance: you can’t learn without doing it.

Humour unites us, especially when we laugh together >_<

Last night, I’ve been practicing my new skills with my charming kids. They simply love it *hooray*

Getting ready for my latino dance class *the he he*


In schools around the world, Latin dance for children is a source of exercise, social development, and just plain fun. Amazingly, children respond to the fast rhythms and exciting choreography in Latin dance.

Today I would like to share some tips on; How to Start Latin Dance for Toddler & Kids:

Teaching a toddler how to latin/salsa dance can be a great experience and adventure for both of you.

With no doubt, you might find you have an aspiring dancer!

As additional, dancing is great exercise for kids to keep them occupied and energized. It will let them use their hyper energy.

Me with my cute teacher: Miss Nicole *winks*

  • Step 1: Enroll yourself to basic latin/salsa classes if you hard to find latin dance class for toddler.
    You may guide your toddler at home.
  • Step 2: Get some dance videos for at-home fun.
    You can move the television room table and make some space for some latin/asalsa dancing.
    Try the basic moves with your kids and see if they like it.
    Get them to try it more than once if they are unsure.
    Remember to reward them with your hugs and kisses 😉
  • Step 3: Buy some latin/salsa music and practice around the house with your child.
    Get them to feel the Latin vibe by goofing around with the music, and teach them to move their hips.

Note: Providing children with a strong foundation in these dance forms can help promote a healthy and enjoyable hobby for a lifetime 😉


Have a fun time with your toddler! *hugs* ;)

Gambatte ne mommies! God bless!

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07. May 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. my daughter just 3yrs old.. can she attend to dancing lessons.. from now.. coz she quite active

  2. Dear sweet lady Miss Mei Yan 😉 ,

    Firstly, thank you for visiting our family’s blog. *hugs*

    Yes, surely my lady. You may start sending your lil toddler to dance class as we sent our girls to ballet class at the ages of 2 and 1/2 years old. As long they’re happy and passionate, nothing will stop us to say NO for them >_<

    Please do give your lil girl fully support. I'm sure, she'll be one of the world's greatest lady.

    All the best darl~

  3. hi,

    im a latin dance instructor.
    do u need an latin dance instructor for kids?
    i train kids for competition, exams and shows.
    please visit my blog for more info.

    thank you

  4. hai nak tanya kat mana u anta anak utk ballet class saya tgh mencari tapi x jumpa2 lagi

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