Mom’s Night Out!

Update: 6th May 2009 – Poorly dear, my partner: Miss Ida, she can’t join me tonight -_- But, please take great care my lady ^-^


Just a quick update regarding to my Mother’s Day gift from The King *thank you darling* 😉

Tomorrow, I’ll attend my first lesson for Latino Jam Dance at dance class: The Dance Floor!

It will be strictly one hour weekly: mom’s night out for me.

Guess who’s my partner? Gorgeous lady: Miss Ida 😉 *thanks dear!*

Gosh, only God knows how I really eager to enter this class. I heart salsa!

Why? Because I deeply love to dance for my dear husband.

My dance outfit for tomorrow *the he he*

Previously, I’m having my daily striptease dance exercise routine for him. Now, I would like to enhance my dancing skills for my love ones ^0^

As homeschooler, both of us (my husband and I) are willing to upgrade our skills as necessary. Don’t you think those attitude develop yourself to be a better parents ?

Keep up positive thinking moms, you may do it for the sake of your health and happy marriage relationship plus widen your child’s knowledge base, reinforce fundamental concepts in many things and the necessity of life.

p/s: my husband claims as “investing” in marriage 😀

Will update later!

See ya later mommies, ja ne~ *hugs*

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05. May 2009 by MamaFiza
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