Parkour Sensation for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Wish you were in the pink of health dear mommies 😉

For this week updates, we would like to contribute on Extreme Sport; Parkour Sensation for Toddlers & Preschoolers.

When I found out about parkour from my beloved hubby, I was like, ‘Wait, it’s a sport?‘ ” ^0^

  • It’s like urban gymnastics!
  • It’s like acrobatic style freerunning ~
  • At its purest, its nothing like any of those things at all  😀 *oh so clueless rite?*

Understand that this art has been created by few soldiers in Vietnam to escape or reach: and this is the spirit I’d like parkour to keep. You have to make the difference between what is useful and what is not in emergency situations. Then you’ll know what is parkour and what is not. So if you do acrobatics things on the street with no other goal than showing off, please don’t say it’s parkour. Acrobatics existed long time ago before parkour~David Belle (Founder of Parkour)

Warming up >_<

What is Parkour?

  • Parkour, which originated in France, is a way of getting around objects in the quickest way possible, often by climbing, jumping or vaulting over them instead of just walking around them.
  • Parkour is also sometimes called free running, which is thought of as a more aesthetic version of the techniques.
  • Two French teenagers, David Belle and Sébastien Foucan, developed parkour in Lisses, a Paris suburb. They drew on their experience in gymnastics and martial arts, as well as the obstacle-course training that Belle’s father underwent as a soldier in Vietnam. The name is derived from the French phrase, parcours du combattant, roughly translated as “military obstacle course.”
  • Practitioners of parkour are known as “traceurs“.
  • Although their movement looked natural and unscripted, parkour has its own lexicon of maneuvers.
  • Like the martial arts that helped inspire it, parkour is a mental discipline as well as a physical one.
  • Parkour is getting more and more attention thanks to media appearances and stunts in films like the latest James Bond flick, Casino Royale.  Brands like Nike, Toyota and Adidas began using parkour in ad campaigns. Soon enthusiasts all over the world were using Internet message boards to swap tips, share pictures and arrange practice sessions, known as jams.

    My angels ^-^

    Chubby lil baby HidE-cHan ;)

If you think that parkour sounds like something that young kids are fanatic about, you’d be totally right.

The King a.k.a PaPa, personally had been teaching our kids “parkour” since last year and they really love it *alhamdulillah* 😀

These are some of my kids weekly workout routine as beginner in this utmost games (more to learn, Insya-Allah):

  • Safety first, look before you leap, how to know your limits and know the risks.
  • How to control your body movements, and making them more efficient.
  • Learning basic skills:
    – Jumping and landings
    – Soft and silent landings

“There are no limits, only obstacles, and every obstacle can be overcome” ~ Parkour


Below are some of our kiddies pictures to show their moves 😉

Starting up!


Almost touch the sky >_<

Great job bro!

Smooth landing sis ^_- Good job!

Go on sis!

Cute jump with lil bear, lil sis? ^-^

Ahh, just can’t resist this -_^

Jumping together *marvelous!*

Watching tips from big bro ;)

Athletic boy ^-^

Practice in balancing ^-^


Wish ya great luck mommies ;)

May you have a superb time with your little ones this weekend.

May Allah swt blessed your valuable family. Amin~

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  2. This is interesting! Wondering if your dh/kids learn this from class?

  3. Dear vogue momma Miss Joan 😉

    Thank you dear for dropping by. May God bless your generous family >_<

    FYI, as my dear hubby previously former athlete & break-dancer, he's the one whom coaching our beloved kids in this extreme sports.

    Sadly, I can hardly find any formal class for this activity in our country, Malaysia (just not yet, I guess). But at my living area, lots of die-hard-fans & brave-heart teenagers, really dedicated & passionate about parkour. Spotted ’em practicing every week.

    Hope you could find the same community in your place too 😀 All the best darl~ *hugs*

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