Lacing Card Craft

Hola dearest dedicated mommies 😉

What did you do this weekend with your toddler?

If you don’t have any particular purpose, you could just make lacing card craft with your lil angel >_<

Cheerful boy with his favorite dinosaurs 😉

Lacing projects are a great craft for toddlers to complete anytime.

Lacing teaches hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, basic sewing skills, practice tying knots and bows (shoelaces!).

Accomplished! ^0^

Print out, laminate fun lacing cards for your toddler. Punch holes around the edge with a single hole punch, then pass out shoe strings/ribbons or yarn and let the fun begin.

Some of our kiddies lacing cards collection 😀

Things You’ll Need:

  • wool or ribbon
  • single hole punch
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • card stock, poster board or construction paper

Additional notes:

  • We prefer the thicker card stock for lacing projects
  • You may allow the children to cut out their card stock shapes with safety scissor (available in the market).
  • You also may ask the children to help make holes around their shape (about an inch or two apart).
  • Provide the children with a length of wool or ribbon. You can wrap some scotch tape around the end of the wool to make it more like a shoe lace. Have the child thread the wool through the holes.
  • Practice tying knots and/or bows to tie off in the center.

Optional:  Let the children use glitter, paint or stickers to further decorate their completed project.


Have fun mommies.

Just remember: safety first! 😉

*gambatte ne*

May all the best to you. Amin~

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  1. You give lots of ideas..

    I’m trying to make the schedules for the kids.(Ibu have to work hard on this)

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