Oh Mama, Thank YOU!

This is to you lovely mama . . .thank you 😉

I love the way you speak your mind, but still manage to always be kind.
I love the way you treasure our friendship, and grasp it tightly with a firm grip.

I am also grateful to have met some of the greatest people in the world here at Homeschool “Chatter” Moment event last Sunday.


I would like to thank each of them (Miss Hanz, Miss Qaseh , Miss Senotip Synte , Miss Aziera , Miss Emma , Miss Raudhah, Miss Yus, Miss Marisa and Miss lovebaby) for enthusiastically nominating me for this award.

However, I am no one to accept your nomination, it is YOU, the one whom deserve it ^-^

Further, it has been here that God has blessed me with an abundance of talented and loving virtual friends *alhamdulillah*.

Me with my lil HidE-cHan and big bro KiruaMi-cHan 😀

When I started my homeschooling journey for my first child five years ago, I had no idea what to expect.

  • I had no idea God would challenge me to use my talents in ways that would serve the family plus community.
  • I had no idea I would be challenged to use my ability to learn and make rationale decisions.
  • I had no idea that my family would become more and more meaningful each and every day.
  • And I had no idea my experience in homeschool would have such a powerful impact on my life.

Love is what you have never taken away and for that once again, thank you and remember that I’ll always care for you too! 😉 *hugs*

p/s: Thank you to Miss RedmummyMiss Fatin , Miss Ida , Miss CoachSha and Miss Farah: for your kindness help >_<

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Born in 1984. Family 1st; living in boulevard of peace, loving my treasured family, fully breastfeeding my precious 4 kids (tandem nursing) *30 months duration for each of 'em*, homeschool advocate, book writer, Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM), certified Lactation Counselor (LC), official ZIN, yoga + pilates enthusiast, no pacifier & no maid rules! [Praise to God]

10. April 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. The feeling is mutual, dear. I’m honoured to know u & blessed for having the opportunity to learn from you.

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  3. they are lovely

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