A:Fair Weekend Bazaar

Update: A:fair Weekend Bazaar would love to have Miss mamafiza to promote A:fair Weekend Bazaar‘s activities at Homeschool Module events and seminars *yippie*

We have started A:fair Weekend to grow this big with the intention to help people.

  • In short, we will support you in your effort and we are more than happy to subsidize the rental of your participants which will enable them to get discount on rentals.

We look forward to have your participants with us. Thank you ~ A:fair Weekend Team

p/s: Dear superb mommies & daddies, if you’re one of my event participants, do email me at mamafiza[@]gmail.com if you would like to book for booth in A:fair Weekend Bazaar with notable price 😉 *alhamdulillah*

Announcement:  Registration for A:fair Weekend Biggest Bazaar @ SOHO KL on the 25th and 26th of April is OPEN.

Great opportunity  :-D

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10. April 2009 by MamaFiza
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