The Goodness of Potatoes

Hello there pretty mommies ;)

Wish all of you were in the pink of health. *cheers*

My weekly potato craze is back!

I love baked potato: these little yummy morsels are perfect as a colorful side dish or even for a breakfast with a twist. Delicious for dinner, even better for lunch!

pss.. my secret ingredient is the squeeze of lime juice that brings out the naturally sweet flavor of the potatoes glazed with a touch of garlic & herb sauces.

Oh, these are not potatoes.
My kids favorite Soft Tofu stir-fry with Olive Oil 😉


Pink Russet Potatoes 😀


Baked Pink Russet Potatoes >_<
A pinch of oregano and fried tidbits of tempura was added to enhance the taste.


Baking white potatoes, especially for baby food, brings out their natural flavor while retaining the most nutrients.
You may also peel and cube then steam or boil white potatoes if you prefer.


White Potatoes 😉


Baked White Potatoes ^-^


Yummy Coleslaw ^0^
Serve this side dish for breakfast with fried eggs and a tall glass of juice.


The King’s dinner (yesterday) 😉 Specially made with olive oil!


Believe me, potatoes are beneficial in much more ways than you can think of.

Perhaps no menu is complete without incorporating potato. Be it chips, fries, vegetables, snacks or any other food, potatoes find their place in one recipe or the other.

In fact, everybody likes the taste of potatoes, why don’t you?


Be adventurous mommies, and have fun cooking with your lil angel! *giggles* 😉
May Allah swt bless your day.

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03. April 2009 by MamaFiza
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