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NoteThis article is brought to you proudly by our benevolent sponsor: Miss Ilyncia, the owner of (LovingMinerals) whom very passionate about cosmetics – only the safest and most luxurious mineral cosmetics at unbelievably low prices 😉



Good morning adorable mommies 😉

Goodness, yesterday my first batch of samples jar from arrived! *alhamdulillah* (specially for my seminar’s participant)

Uh oh! >_< is a promising mineral makeup store launched on October 2008, founded by individuals who are very passionate about cosmetics.

I ordered lovely set last month and my orders took only less than two days to arrive 😉

Good thing about mineral makeup stores, they allow you to order a sample or better yet a sampler kit. This way, it allows you to select several foundation colors and more with minimal investment.

Loveliness *thank you LovingMinerals* ^-^

Mineral makeup won’t clog pores, is less likely to promote allergic reactions, and is typically good for people with sensitive and oily skin *just like me!*

I’m a big fan of pure makeup that is natural and good for my skin and of course I want makeup that looks great and feels great 😉



Sample jars (60 pcs) with discount cards ^0^

Forget that heavy “made up” look. Wouldn’t you like you’re make up to feel so natural you could sleep in it?

Camwhore, again? *wink* 😉

The result:
No bumps or allergic reactions were experienced with the foundation, finishing powder, blusher, eye pigments and lip gloss .

Despite the spillage experience, has become my best favorite makeup available online 😀

Won’t you try it?

Gambatte ne mommies *cuddles*

May Allah swt blessed your family. Amin~


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02. April 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. mamafiza,

    I’ve tried it, and loving it! Thank you for introducing the product.

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