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Wish you were in sweet moment *hugs*

Just a lil bit of update for Creative Clay Moment (my big boy KiruaMi-cHan‘s asked me to publish this post 😉 ):

Toddlers love doing arts and crafts!*yatta*

You will be amazed at how much they can do once you start introducing them to various craft items.

ReiHi-cHan: Starting her creations 😀

Most toddlers, when given a piece of ordinary soft clay, are instinctively motivated to explore its inviting soft and responsive sensory qualities.

They poke it, squeeze it, hit it, pick it up and pound it down, and so on.

Why? Beacuse each time they act on the clay, the clay adjusts and responds.

These changes mean very little to us as adults, but for a toddler these changes in the clay are magical.  The child is naturally fascinated, motivated, and empowered to keep experimenting.

When giving clay to a my child for the first time, I do not instruct the child on what to do with the clay except to clarify that it is to play with, not something to eat.
Other than making sure they do not eat it or throw it, I simply watch to see what they do with it.

Note: Good adult supervision consists of observing and encouraging self-initiated experiments that correspond to reasonable limits of play.

KiruaMi-cHan: Red boy 😉

His pineapples collection >_<

Don’t you just love it?

Please do try to introduce clay to your lil angel *cheers*

May Allah swt blessed your day. Amin~


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