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Latest update from our programme: Homeschool

Certainly, there will be 18 modules, open for anyone whom interested to perform homeschooling for their family not just as education platform but as a lifestyle.

IMHO, I highly recommended you to join Homeschool “Chatter” Moment, as this will be a great opportunity for you to get to know our Homeschool Module in summary as these programme (modules) will be elaborate more with monthly assignment and personal coaching via email in the 18 modules.

Special price will be given for participant whom would like to make payment for 6 modules, 12 modules or 18 modules in advance.

If you miss it, you may get the replacement class after complete the 18 modules.

FYI, we’re open for mother whom still breastfeed their baby to bring along their lil angel in our event/programme as we’re here to support direct feeding 🙂

Please do let me know if you had any inquiry. Again, thanks a lot for your time ^-^

Happy bro 😉



If you love your kids, homeschooling is the answer to you if you want to make sure your child is getting the personal attention he or she needs.

That your child learns the values and morals that you hold sacred. That the information making it to your child holds to certain standards.

Home schooling is a great option if you want to have a larger role in your kids’ learning.

Our Homeschool Module Shows You How Easy It Is To Start Homeschooling. Don’t Take A Chance On Your Child’s Future!

If my child was ever at risk of being in danger, I know I would be there in a heartbeat to protect him/her.

If my child ever felt left behind by his/her friends, I know I would be there to pick him/her up.

So, why: when you want only the best for your children – would you leave one of the most important parts of their life up to the chance?

Don’t you know that you may homeschool your lovely kids even at the same time allowing them to enroll public and private schools?

Your child is too important to let chance decide the future.

  • It’s time to get rid of the obstacles to your child’s future.
  • It’s time to take control of your child’s education for the better.
  • It’s time to help your child learn real lessons for the real world.
  • It’s time to give your children the chance for success they deserve now.

It’s time to start considering homeschooling your children.

  • More than 2.1 million children are homeschooled in America alone.
  • Homeschool students regularly score significantly higher than public and private school kids.
  • Homeschooling is the quickest growing form of education in the U.S.

This is all to say, homeschooling is a very real option for these very complicated times. Don’t take any chances, protect your child’s future and consider the benefits of homeschooling.

But, if you’re like most people, you don’t have any idea how to get started.
If you’re considering homeschooling but don’t have any idea where to begin, don’t worry!

When I started looking into homeschooling, I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. There was very little information available to help me learn how to homeschool my children. I searched and searched, but there was just no definitive guide to show me how to homeschool.

So, after a lot of trial and error, I have finally learned the ins and outs of homeschooling. And, let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than homeschooling your children *alhamdulillah*.

For years, my friends have asked me to write down everything I’ve learned about homeschooling. They knew that I had a tremendous amount of information that should be shared with other parents who were considering homeschooling their children.

So, after many months of additional research and preparation, I have pulled together for you: Homeschool

Tadaa~ 😀

Are You Wondering If Homeschooling Is Right For You?

Many parents wonder if homeschooling is right for them. Although the decision is always a person one, there are many reasons why parents choose homeschooling.

Our programme: Homeschool, helps you to decide if homeschooling is right for you, but to help you decide whether homeschooling is right for you and your child, we’ve created a list of the Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Choose Homeschooling.

Your reasons might be different, but hopefully this list will help you begin to determine if homeschooling is the answer for you.

  • Effectiveness
    Homeschoolers often learn a speed that leaves students in private and public schools far behind. Because you will be able to choose a personalized path that works best for your children, you can custom-design a curriculum that works best for your kids’ learning styles and abilities.
  • Family
    Perhaps one of the most common reasons given for deciding to homeschool is the ability for families to remain close together as the children grow up. This is a powerful benefit of homeschooling that cannot be underestimated.
  • It’s Just Fun!
    When you get down to it, homeschooling is just fun for parents and their children alike.
  • Love
    You simply love your children and want to see them succeed and you’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen!
  • Money
    Homeschooling is surprisingly inexpensive. The savings benefits are enormous!
  • Time Doesn’t Matter
    Parents quickly learn that lessons can last as long or as short as necessary. Whereas children have to wait for everybody to get up to speed in classrooms, the homeschooled student doesn’t have to wait on anybody. So, if a lesson is learned, the student can move on or finish the school day early.
  • Get a Jump on that College Degree
    For homeschooled high school kids, homeschooling allows them to begin taking college courses early. Because homeschoolers often advance more quickly then their counterparts, they can take college courses in addition to their high school classes.
  • Self-Guided Study
    Due to the nature of homeschooling, many kids become expert researchers. The homeschool learning environment which encourages natural curiosity and exploration often leads to highly advanced research skills in homeschooled students.
  • Field Trips
    When your kids don’t see learning as only happening in a classroom every opportunity to get out and about in the world becomes an opportunity for learning. The entire world becomes their classroom and they are able to make real-world connections to their learning.
  • Work Experience
    Because homeschooled high school students are more autonomous and mature more quickly than their counterparts, they often find better, more rewarding, and higher paying jobs than others their age. Parents can feel good knowing that their children are learning how to take responsibility.

No matter what your reason, there’s just no better time to decide to start homeschooling.
Ready to make the important decision in your life?
Email me: mamafiza[@] to book your seat today! 😉


Update: would love to have Miss mamafiza to represent Loving Minerals at Homeschool Module events and seminars.

  • Seminar participants will get a free sample jar each, as well as a special discount card to use on first purchase on their website.

Marvelous products >_<


Homeschool Module@SaraKids, Shah Alam: Let’s join together, 2 places left!


So what are you waiting for, mommies? ;)

Have fun, do take care *cuddles*~

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p/s: We’re proud to support Earth Hour. We only have one planet and we need to take care of her so she can continue to take care of us.


Gambatte ne Earth 😉

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  1. Assalamualaikum, you are so
    good at all that you have
    mentioned about homeschooling,i
    am wondering if your children
    must be very smart as what has
    been taught they grasp in sec.
    How about teaching them what is
    ISLAM.That is if you are a
    muslim. Your name sounded muslim
    but i’m not sure coz you don’t
    look it.

  2. Assalamualaikum wbt,

    Dear Miss Zubedah 😉

    Thank you very much for visiting our family’s blog. May God blessed your day.

    Please do kindly refer to my older posting regarding our homeschool’s schedule and routine plus Islamic education for more information before getting on to the conclusion of everything based on one single blog posting.

    I’m here; to openly share my very own experienced about homeschooling as a lifestyle by not hurting others. I feel pity for your insecurity and jealousy. Perhaps, you may read more about the beautiful of “Islam” by clicking HERE.

    We’re homeschooling our kids due to we love to guide our beloved child to implement kindness and sincerity towards others without criticizing, judging and humiliate people’s name, religion, ideology, race, political views and lots of more sensitive issues. We teach them to RESPECT the entire universe.

    As I strongly believe: “If I waste my time on judging people, I’ll have no time to love any of them”. That’s me >O< Gazillion thanks Miss, may we will work hard together as one nation to change to be a better citizen and caliph too. Amin 😀 Note: Obviously, if you have issue with my manners, personal appearance, politics, and religious beliefs please kindly email my dear husband instead. I WON’T reply ANY NONSENSE email/request. Kindly note.

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