Piano Lesson For Mom & Toddler

Yep, it is me 😉

I’m 24 and realised that piano is something I’d really like to learn since my childhood days (never took a piano lesson in my life before, but always eager to learn) – am I too old to start new lesson at 24 though?
: NOPE at all if you find SUPERB teacher and with your strong will >_<

Alhamdulillah, I guess I’m very lucky this year. The King a.k.a hubby suggested me to continue my childhood dream in learning music and gave me special gifts, last Monday. It’s a brand new Yamaha PSR-E213 Keyboard.

Tadaa 😉

He just simply told me: “I believe in you. You’d learn first, then do teach me and our kiddies” , God! I am speechless -_- *you’re so lovely honey*

Amazingly, with only 25 minutes of piano personal coaching routine for me in 2 days, I already know lots about the Perfect Octave, flat + sharp tones, play in C Major and G Major, keys, scales, play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had A Little Lamb 😉 play by ear and using both of my hands. Yes, just within 50 minutes, remarkable rite? *alhamdulillah*

I have had an awesome days at home with my beloved kids and hubby. They quickly learned a lot from me and all of them managed to play with both hands too *they can even play the instrument with their eyes closed and yet, they never go wrong. It seems that they can picture the piano keys inside their minds and play the songs with ease and comfort (alhamdulillah)* with lots of FUN 😀

Uh oh!

Putting God first causes me to be too blessed to be stressed! I know I am blessed and I am so thankful and grateful to a wonderful and loving and generous God.

I found the best piano teacher ever: Sir Andrew Furmanczyk! He’s 22 years old, a pianist *young + talented*, from Prince George, Canada. He’s very kind to my family and I, sponsoring my piano lesson, surprisingly he’s even a charming person; was homeschooled from age 5-17 !

OMG! My personal piano coach Andrew was magnificent >_<

Sir Andrew Furmanczyk
: my brilliant piano teacher 😉

Coming soon: I will upload video of my piano lesson with my kiddies. Insya-Allah.


Go for it mommies! Go for anything!

Just pick something you’re passionate about and do your best to stick it out during the good and bad times.

Learning a new skill like playing piano will be much fun, but will also require patience and discipline.

It’s worth it!

Best of luck to you! 😉 God bless!

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14. February 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. wow!
    this is awesome! with the rate that you are going; one day you might be playing with the phiharmonic orchestra!


    all the best sis! you never fail to amaze me. 🙂

  2. Interesting post

    I know how learning piano can be. My brother is a really good piano player, and myself I am making my way as professional .

    I recommend to anyone who’s thinking of starting to playing piano to read a book or two on this topic, as there so many mistakes and blunders that are possible to make when you first start. And keep playing each and everyday!

    Thank you for sharing this with your us.

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