CyberPet: Teach Your Toddlers About Pet Ownership

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Lately, if you spotted me online at Facebook and playing with my pet at Pet Society, gosh, guess what? For sure, it is not me! *lol*


I created virtual pet for my beloved kiddies for them to love and care daily with guide from the King 😉

Yes, we’ve been addicted to this cute online pet, we named it: Kine Cookie >_<

WHY? Oh because this kitten is so kind and loves cookies!

Kine Cookie ^-^


We miss you, Kine 😉 *in his living room*

Pet ownership is a major responsibility for children, and one method of teaching your toddler about it is via virtual pet adoption, which is also known as cyber pet.

Toddlers and their attitude toward the environment and the animals in it will determine what the future is for many species. They will be making judgments that will effect not only their future, but the future of others.

By starting early and taking some time and effort you will find that the impact of good animal manners will translate into keeping your child safe and into good manners of living with others, both human and nature.

With virtual pet adoption your lil angel will not only learn the responsibility of pet ownership, they will also enjoy a lot as they learn.

Sleeping in his calm room *oh u so cute!*

It is not all fun and games, since they have to take care that they feed their pet, buy grocery *counting*, design their room *art* and play with it if it is sad.

These are the same responsibilities they would take with a real pet but now they would be doing it in cyberspace with Pet Society.

If you are interested in introducing your toddler to pet ownership, virtual pet adoption may be the method you should go for.

In his shower room *oh so happy!*  😀


  • Don’t expect young children to be able to care for or be totally responsible for an animal either.
  • Their attention span is limited and although they may show enthusiasm for a pet in the beginning, many times this is short lived.
  • Having them assist you with an animal as part of their daily chores teaches responsibility and caring.
  • It not only helps the child to bond with the animal, but with you too!


Do take great care mommies, keep up your great work!

May Allah swt always blessed your day. Amin~

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29. January 2009 by MamaFiza
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