Swimming Class for Toddler

Good morning mommies,

Wish you were in great time *hugs*

Guo nian hao, niu nian ji xiang! 😉

Today, we would like to share our latest weekly routine starting from January 2009: Toddler’s Swimming Class.

Yep, the King a.k.a PaPa is our swimming coach *yippie*

If your lil angel love to play near water, chances are you’ve thought about swimming lessons.

Sadly, many kids aren’t taught proper swimming skills, which would help prevent accidental drownings.

Adult swimming pool *the King’s favorite* 😉


Mama, look I can swim! : big bro KiruaMi-cHan *alhamdulillah* 😀


In training: big sis ReiHi-cHan with lil sis YunaFi-cHan *sweet* 😉


Not yet 6 months, but she’s climbing! HidE-cHan~ 😀


Here are a few priorities:

  • Familiarize yourself with child CPR.
    The best way to do this would be to register in a CPR course offered by qualified trainer .*Alhamdulillah, will receive my certificate by next month~*
  • Ensure your toddler is in good health.
  • Please make sure your toddler have sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.
    Apply sunscreen at least 16 minutes before getting in the water.
    Note: The more fair-skinned your child is the higher you want the SPF to be. Remember that if you are going to stay after swim lessons and play some more you should re-apply sunscreen.
  • Have a T-shirt at hand for your toddler in case the sun gets to be too much.
  • Have a towel, dry clothes and mineral water for after the lesson.
  • Buy ear drops in order to prevent ear infections.
  • Keep the lessons short.
    Tips: 15-30 minute lessons for children 2-4 years old & 30-45 minute lessons for children 5 years old or older.
    Anything longer than this is too much and the child will not absorb all they learn.
  • Eat one hour before entering the water. This gives the child energy and prevents cramps.


    For my lovely kids:Rice, Steamed Salmon and Veggies~


    For dearly hubby: Rice, Red Shrimp and Steamed Veggies~

  • Finally, ONLY let your toddler swim in a comfortable swim suit.
    This may sound silly but it teaches them that swimming fully clothed is NOT ALRIGHT and they are less likely to jump in when they are unsupervised.
    Put the suit in a specific place in the child’s room and make big deal of where it goes.
    Tell the child they can swim whenever they like but they must put on their swim suit first.



  • Getting your toddler comfortable with the water should begin at a very early age. Once he/she has a little experience, he/she should be placed in an appropriate swim course.
  • Don’t give up. Learning to swim is an important and lifesaving skill and should not be taken lightly.
  • Don’t expect too much. While your infant or toddler can learn how to swim in the sense that he/she can move in water on his/her own accord, many children are not be able to swim actual strokes until they are much older.
  • If you’re struggling and your child is fighting, it may be better to enroll him in lessons. Being around other kids, with an instructor who is not you, may push him in just the right way.
  • When your child blows through her mouth, she is subconsciously blocking her nostrils, which will help to keep water from shooting up her nose when she goes under.
  • If you have never taught swim lessons or aren’t familiar with the correct swimming forms, do not try to teach your child strokes. If swimming strokes are taught incorrectly at a young age, it is very difficult to break these incorrect habits in the future.
  • Even good swimmers are not drown-proof. Never leave your child unattended around open water, no matter how good of a swimmer he/she may be.



Once you have done all these things you and your child are ready to learn to swim.

Plus, don’t forget to have fun 😉

Gambatte ne mommies. May Allah swt always blessed your family. Amin~


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26. January 2009 by MamaFiza
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  1. Kat Bukit Jalil ke tu??

    Actually when is the best time to start swimming classes?? Eh..esp for the parents yg tak pandai swimming nih…. heheh. W/pun mak bapak tak pandai, anak2 le yg kena pandai,kan..

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog dear..
    Need to make it more usefull and informative (like yours!!)

    Go home skool!! Wish my time will come soon, Insyallah.

    Love and hugs for the lil ones!!

  3. I saw your posting – Toddlers swimming class. Can I know where can I get the instructor or classes for two kids age 3 and 5 years old? Thank you

  4. Dear beauty lady Miss Samantha Ling 😉

    Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry darling, actually my dear hubby is the only swimming coach for my kids as we’re homeschooler ^-^

    However, you may always contact talented instructor via this website. All the best for your lovely kids, hunny! *cuddles*

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  6. dear, where the place for swimming? i have one daughter age 18months..stay at sumway..may i know the place nearby me?

  7. Hello,I’m Samaneh from Iran. I’m lifeguard and swimming instructor also I passed swimming coach from Australia plus have EFR degree (emergency first response) from Australia . I have 4 experience as lifeguard and swimming teacher in swimming pool. I’d like to work as swimming coach . Please assist me. What should I do ?

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