Playtime: Junior Scrabble

Ohaiyo mommies 😉

Wish you were in wonderful moment.

Today, we would love to share our latest addictive playtime: Junior Scrabble.


Mommies, sometimes as a SAHM, it’s apparently to get caught up in day to day activities like work, house-chores, and laundry and forget to make time for the things that are much more significant: Playtime!

Lots of parents don’t take the time to just play with their precious angel.

Gosh, what’s Wrong with Happy Kids, anyway?

However, please do keep in mind: sometimes it’s fun to forget your to-do list and just be a kid again *yay*

Lets play a board game!

Kids do love games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Pictionary.

Look for Junior versions of these games for younger kids.

Plus don’t forget, kids of all ages love doing puzzles too! Look for age-appropriate puzzles that you can do with your kids.

Let’s start!

Junior Scrabble:
The game is great to help children with letter recognition.
It’s a fun way to supplement the kid’s spelling lessons.
There are a few drawbacks and improvements could be made, but the game allows for a transition into classic Scrabble, which is the point.






Uh oh 😉


Finished 😉




Switch to Classic Board!



Have a fun time mommies!

Gambatte ne ;)

May Allah swt always blessed your day. Amin~


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06. January 2009 by MamaFiza
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