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Oyasumi nasai mommies 😀

Wish you were in superb day *hugs, miss ya!*

Have you ever heard of BlogHer?

I don’t know exactly how they choose material for their great articles, however, last night as I was browsing the topics on BlogHer, I saw our link as a resource link on one of the article: “Manners Matter: Teaching Kids How To Act at the Table” by Miss Shannon Lowe; she is a BlogHer contributing editor (Mommy/Family). She also blogs at Rocks In My Dryer and The Parenting Post.” *uh oh, how cool is that!, Alhamdulillah*



If you haven’t visited BlogHer, do take a look. It’s a very lovely site for women, about women and covers just about anything of interest to women plus lots of tips on parenting too 😉 .

Moreover, the wide range of viewpoints is what makes the site so refreshing and interesting.

Thank you, BlogHer and Miss Shannon Lowe!


Gambatte ne mommies, homeschooling is rock ;)

May God bless your sweet night *hugs*

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20. November 2008 by MamaFiza
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