Field Trip: Camping with Kiddies

Ohayo gozaimasu mommies 😉

Are you and your lil angels looking for something different to do together as a family?

Well actually, you can have lots of fun right in your own backyard by pitching a makeshift tent, roasting marshmallows and sausages, plus snuggling down inside a warm sleeping bag!

It’s easy to plan a camp-out without ever having to leave home.

Last 2 months *oh yes, on my 14 days of confinement weeks ahaha*, we done for a BBQ and backyard camping field trip 😀

*thanks to the King a.k.a PaPa, my granny: Nenek, my dad: Ayah, my mom: Mak, my sis: Mea for great time-out!

Even though I am a rebellious child in my family, however I feel honored that I am able to treasure something so special that symbolized the love shared between me and my father:

When I am with my dad it is always an adventure. We go camping a lot. He taught me how to set up the tent and to build a fire since I am 14 years old. He teaches me to respect nature and to always make sure I don’t leave messes. Me and my father have a very special bond and camping together is always a special moment.

Today, I love to share tips on “How to Plan a Fun Camp Out for Toddler  in Your Own Backyard” 😉

Below are some of our pictures:

Chicken lovers

LittleKittle’s say cheese~

Big bro: Big help!

Big sis: Keep it up~

Big bro & sis: Hard work!

Chasing Atuk & Opah’s rabbits! *so kawaii, got 2 rabbits!*

Preparation for BBQ: My sis Mea and my mum: Mak~

My dad! a.k.a Atuk Honda *thehehe*

Lunch hour 😉

Start up!

Camping time my dear 😉

I guided them on how to set-up their own tent~

Great job sayang!





Some tips on How to Plan a Fun Camp Out for Toddler  in Your Own Backyard:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Tarp (if you don’t have a tent)
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Portable Grill
  • Flashlights
  • Cooler & Ice

Step by step guide:

  • Step 1 : Drape a tarp or a large sheet of plastic over a clothesline.
    Gather some rocks to hold down the corners.
    Lay blankets or another tarp inside on the ground and then roll out the sleeping bags.
  • Step 2 : Cook out on a portable grill.
    Breakfast is an easy meal to cook outdoors because there are so many simple menus to prepare.
    Nothing smells tastier than eggs, sausages and pancakes cooking in a cast iron skillet at the crack of dawn.
  • Step 3 : Let the toddlers use other camping gear like lanterns and camp chairs to make it feel like a real camping trip.
    Don’t forget the ice and a cooler full of snacks and mineral water plus cold drinks.
  • Step 4 : Build a campfire, even if it is just pretend.
    You can gather some real kindling and stuff red, orange, and yellow tissue paper between the sticks to look like flames.
    Place a lighted flashlight underneath to make it glow, and then circle your campfire with some rocks.
    This creates the mood for storytelling or singing songs around the campfire.
    It’s even more fun if you camp under a full moon.
  • Step 5 : Stargaze and search the nighttime sky for different constellations.
    Teach your children to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors.
    Have fun exploring the nighttime sights and sounds.
    Help younger children identify sounds like crickets chirping, neighborhood dogs barking or insects buzzing.
  • Step 6 : Catch fireflies in a jar. Nothing delights a young camper more than those little lights twinkling and flashing in the night.
    The kids can have fun making some simple luminarias to add an extra warm glow to the night.
    Fill small brown paper bags half full with sand, and then nestle a votive candle in the sand.
    Be sure to supervise children carefully once the candles are lit.


Let’s go camping mommies ;)

May Allah swt blessed your lovely family. Amin~

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  1. best nye dpt camping dlm kawasan rumah ye hehhe (kat luar rumah la …)

  2. thanks !! very helpful post!

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