Science for Toddler: Dancing Raisins

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This week’s experiment is another old classic which is still a lot of fun: Happy, “Dancing Raisins“.

My 3 lil kiddies *hugs 😉 *

Now that I think of it, it seems that most of the science tricks I did as a kid have become OLD classics.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Glass Jar
  • Raisins
  • 3/4 cup of vinegar
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 2 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda

Let’s make some raisins boogie!

Step by step guide

  • Fill a glass or bottle half full of water and 2 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda.

Big bro KiruaMi-cHan~

  • Quickly add around 3/4 cup of vinegar

Big sis ReiHi-cHan~

  • Drop 5 or 6 raisins into the glass jar.

    Lil sis YunaFi-cHan~

  • Wait around for the show to begin…

Some of the raisins suddenly float upwards through the soda. When they reach the top, they sink again.

Soon, the raisins are dancing up and down in the glass.

What is going on? Watch carefully and you should be able to figure it out.

Why it happened (explain to your toddler):

What happens? Can you guess why the raisins bob to the surface?
The baking soda reacted with vinegar to produce carbon dioxide gas.
This gas will collect on the uneven surfaces on the raisins.
When enough gas has collected, it will actually lift the raisins to the surface (kind of like little tiny parachutes) where the gas is then released into the air.
With the gas now gone, the raisins will sink back to the bottom where the process begins anew.

We have seen this experiment done with uncooked macaroni, but we find that raisins collect more bubbles and they are a lot more fun to eat 😉

You might try different kinds of soda. Soda with more fizz will cause the raisins to react more.

Don’t forget to try this project with your toddler!

Gambatte ne 😉

May Allah swt always blessed your family. Amin~

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11. August 2008 by MamaFiza
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  1. What a fun activiti…should do with my son…suke tgk anak2 mamafiza happy together…

  2. interesting…will try it with my lil Anisah…your family are full of fun…

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