DiGi FU-YOH Street Blast Fashion Design Final 2007

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Due to mamafiza’s still not fully recovered from her sickness, I’ll help to post her “draft post“. Thank you.

Hola dear lovely readers 😉

Wish you were in great health *hugs*

This post is dedicated to my unpublished post in year 2007.

Hope to share some stories & tips today ya!

Okie dookie, lets begin:

A day before the final deadline, I bumped into an advertisement regarding to DiGi FU-YOH Street Blast Funky Fashion Designer Final Competition 2007 and willing to try!

Competition~ Rules & Regulations

Theme: Funky & Retro

I decided to mix both of the above elements into Malaysian Art, so I voted for Batik.

Alhamdulillah, within 24 hours, I finished all 4 of my illustrations design (using Adobe CS3 + WACOM Intuos3 12×12) & submitted those design via email on deadline date *uh oh, will they accept ’em?, only God knows*

One week later, on November 13th, 2007; I received an interesting phone call from my sis Mea and she said that “A guy from DiGi were searching for you, he couldn’t reached you, he called to granny’s house instead and you’re one of 8 finalists for DiGi FU-YOH Street Blast Funky Fashion Designer Final Competition! He mentioned that you’re the only Malay that made it through

~Wut da..? Alhamdulillah! OMG what a surprise to all of us 😀

DiGi were giving RM1000 cheque to each of finalists to fabricate 4 costumes for the Final Runaway Show during Digi FU-YOH Street Blast at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, on November 24th, 2007.

Hence, I need to complete sewing all costumes within one week before the event! I just got 4 days! *no more personal batik chanting dream for me, uh oh!*

My beloved family 😉 Picked up our design cheque!


Below are some print-screen images of my lucky email & illustration designs which had been selected as one of 8 finalists around Malaysia for DiGi Street Blast Funky Fashion Designer Competition 2007:

My Lucky E-mail
Lucky email~

1st Design

2nd Design

3rd Design

4th Design


Sadly 2 days before the final event; the King, KiruaMi-cHan, ReiHi-cHan and YunaFi-cHan were struck down with heavy fever (vomiting and diarrhea) *oh poor~*

I didn’t want to continue for the final show due to my family only have me to rely on.

But, my hubby and kiddies asked me to try my best; and here I am as doctor in charged and fashion designer in the making. I didn’t slept for more than 72 hours (including in final day).

KiruaMi-cHan’s & ReiHi-cHan’s with da cheque~

O yes I just ended up putting incomplete fabrics for the show because I love my family more than anything.

Alhamdulillah, we made it to Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur to cheer up our kiddies to join the runaway show (held at night).

Agreement Contract & Cheque

Whoops..let’s stop for a while, I want to share some tips with ya according to my experience 😉


Simple public outings, from a family dinner to a trip to the grocery store or any event, can pose a challenge when there’s a small child in tow.

Their natural curiosity drives them to wander about, and their short attention spans make it tough to sit still for more than a few moments.

Yes, it is tricky yet challenging for parent to deal with hyperactive toddler, however you could possibly lead the way!

*Insya-Allah, practice makes perfect*

With a little extra planning, it is easy to keep a little one behave and content while out in public 😉


Let’s share some tips of How to Keep a Your Toddler to be Content and Happy in Public:

  • Step 1: Put together a small activity bag to bring along on public outings.
    Include easy snacks such as dry cereal, drinks, a notepad with crayons and small, quiet toys.
  • Step 2: Look for child-friendly atmospheres when choosing a restaurant.
    Most of these places offer special child menus with crayons.
    Encourage your child to choose their own meal, and let them order/pay when the server arrives.
    Letting the child be involved gives them independence and encourages them to behave “like a big kid“.

  • Step 3: Play “waiting games” while standing in lines or sitting in waiting areas.
    Play “I Spy” or encourage your child to hunt for specific colors and shapes.
  • Step 4: Make a game out of people watching.
    Ask your child to count the number of people wearing blue, in a baseball cap, scarf etc.
  • Step 5: Use your child’s favorite subjects to strike up an engaging conversation.
    Who is their favorite cartoon character? What is their absolute favorite toy and why?
    They’ll most likely be thrilled to share these thoughts and feelings with you.


  • Remember to praise a child after each successful public outing.
    If you tell them how very good they behaved and that you’re proud of them, it increases the likelihood of successful ventures in the future.
  • Try not to be influenced by any stares, comments, etc. you might get from strangers.
    Most people understand the balancing act of keeping a small child occupied in public.
    Regardless, if you’re interacting with your child and doing your best to engage her attention, that’s the best you can do.


Below are some of our pictures at DiGi FU-YOH Street Blast Fashion Design Final 2007 event 😉


Baa~ 😉

With their favorite cars!

KiruaMi-cHan’s dream cars!

Big bro most-liked “Yellowish Uncle*

Rehearsal Time~ Me with my models 😀

“Tha Crowd”

Me: On the runaway *catwalk uh oh tha weirdo: stickgal, lol!*

Aftermath: Me, Ikin’s mother & Sis, Ikin

Sweet lil Ikin & Me 😉

My Lil Sis Mea, Me *closing my eyes? oh!*, Ikin’s Sis n Lil Ikin

Me & other designers *huhu*

Me: Congratulated the Winner: Sir Joe Chia *he is so warmhearted in person* Only 1 winner will be chosen.

My prize from tha event, Nokia 7500 Prism



Don’t forget to make each day of your family life a marvelous day, mommies.  *Insya-Allah*

May you have a pleasant time. God bless! *Amin*

Gambatte ne~ 😉

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