How to Make Praise Awards for Your Baby and Toddler

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Did you ever wonder?

Many times as parents we spend our time correcting the behaviors of our children, which tends to feel like we’re focusing on the negative.

Refocusing our attention as parents onto the good positive things our babies and toddlers do can do wonders for your children and the relationship that you have.

Praise awards are a simple and easy way for you to let them know that you noticed something great that they did.


I made “Big Bro” & “Big Sis” Award for our kiddies using Microsoft Word,
on the King’s Mac Pro workstation *beauty outside, beast inside* 😉

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results ~ Willie Nelson


Below are some tips of How to Write Praise Awards to your Babies & Toddlers:

  • Step 1 : Get the awards that you want to use ready.
    You can use regular pieces of paper and simply write a note to your child.
    You could prepare certificates on the computer and print off for your children.
    You can use die cuts of various shapes like stars or heart and write on those.
    You can choose to be simple or creative with how you design the awards.
    Whatever you chose to do, have a stack of them ready and nearby.
  • Step 2 : Spend time with your children each day make it a goal to find one really positive thing that you see each of them do.
    It may be them sharing a toy with another child, or reaching out to a new friend at the park.
    It does not have to be big, but it does need to be positive, something that you would like to see them do more often.


  • Step 3 : When you get a chance use one of the special pieces of paper that you choose to use for their praise awards use a marker and fill it in with, “I was so proud of you today when…” Then tell them what it was that you saw that made you happy.
    If you can do this without your child seeing it will make presenting it to them more special later because they will be surprised that you noticed.
  • Step 4 : Make it a dinner tradition to hand out praise awards over dinner so that the child can be recognized for the positive action in front of others.
    This will make your children feel valued and loved, it will also make them focus more on continuing the positive behavior to receive more positive attention.
    You do not have to do it each night but often enough that kids will remember that you are looking at all the good things that they do.

Today, I would like to share on How to Make a Class Set of Awards:

Colorful Awards~

As a mother, I always had mixed emotions about Awards Day.

One side of me always thought that everyone should be appreciated in some way.

The other side thought that those who worked the hardest deserved their own day to be special.

Then, I thought of something that would make everyone feel better.

I decided to make my own class set of awards and make them personal 😉
Things You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Ribbon to be curled (or strips of paper)
  • Markers
  • Safety pins (or hole-punch, scissors, yarn)

Step by step guide:

  • Step 1 : Using your colored construction paper, make one large circle for everyone.
    Make sure you use a color that is light enough for writing to show up on.
  • Step 2 : Cut pieces of ribbon and curl them.
  • Step 3 : Glue or staple the ribbon to the bottom of the circles to create your award ribbon.
  • Step 4 : Add a safety pin to the ribbons to attach to clothing.
    You could also choose to punch a hole in the top of the circle and add a ring of yarn to place over the child’s head instead. *we do put on wall of fame ^-^ *
  • Step 5 : Think of something that makes each child in your family special.
    No one should have the same compliment.
    Think of something for everyone, even if it says BEST SMILE or MOST PERSONALITY.

Smile 😉

  • Step 6 : Write the compliment on the circle neatly along with their name.
  • Step 7 : Conduct a small homeschool awards ceremony in which each child is recognized separately in front of their family.
    Cheering their siblings on makes for a good etiquette lesson as well.
    Your lil ones will truly appreciate your extra effort to make everyone feel worthy.

Best recommended website for you and your baby to give a try:

You may download our printable awards too 😉

Click here to download!


Lets try this project with your toddler!

Gambatte ne 😉

May Allah swt always blessed your family. Amin~

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