Field Trip: Port Dickson Paradise (Part III)

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Due to mamafiza’s still not fully recovered from her sickness, I’ll help to post her “draft post“. Thank you.

As an addition, I love to share tips on “How to Help Baby & Toddler Enjoy a Museum

Baby and toddler love visiting museums.

Depending on the age of the child and the subject of the place you’re going, it can be a great day of fun 😉

My Love KiruaMi-cHan

Museums range from “hands on” to “eyes only“.

I had spent most of my childhood time (age 3 to 5) visiting museum since I lived in Bangsar with my beloved grandma.
Every week, my uncles “Pak Long“, “Pak Uda” & “Pak Usu” brought me to National Museum and they authorized me to enjoy my personal time.

With the right preparation, museums can be appreciated even by the youngest child.


Things You’ll Need:

  • A stroller for small children
  • Back-pack supplied with water bottles and small snacks
  • A good night’s rest

Step by step Guide:

  • Step 1: Decide what type of museum your children are ready for.
    Take into consideration their ages, interests and attention span.
    If you have a variety of ages to deal with find a compromise somewhere in the middle.
  • Step 2: Make sure everyone gets plenty of sleep the night before. This includes you! 😉
  • Step 3: Don’t go it alone.
    Take another adult or grandparent with you to help with splitting up, lunch time and bathroom breaks.
  • Step 4: Talk ahead of time about what toddlers should expect.
    Where specifically are you going and what, specifically, will you do when you get there.
    We are going to the Army Memorial Museum to look at historic military vehicles and items .” Remember, they will only be as enthusiastic and positive about the upcoming experience as you are!
  • Step 5: Plan your day around nap time.
    If you have very young children, try and have your museum visit over just before lunch.
  • Step 6: Discuss proper museum behavior before you arrive.
    This will depend slightly on the type of place you’re visiting.
    Some rules always apply like no running and no loud voices.
  • Step 7: Explain that a museum is for everyone to enjoy.
    This may mean being patient while waiting to see what you want while someone else is enjoying their favorite exhibit.
  • Step 8: Arrive at the museum; point out uniformed docents, security guards and staff members to your child.
    Tell him to approach one of them if he gets lost while visiting the museum.
  • Step 9: Have realistic expectations.
    Children often become interested in one display and spend the bulk of their time in the museum exploring it.
    Don’t lose patience with a child if he decides to spend the entire trip hovering around a particular exhibit; instead, encourage him to learn all he can about it while you’re at the museum.

    My Love ReiHi-cHan

  • Step 10: Take frequent bathroom, water and rest breaks.
    Trying to do too much of a museum at one time is never a good idea.
  • Step 11: Pay attention to when the kids have had enough.
    Too much of anything is never a good idea.
    You want your children to love museums and all they have to offer.
    A little bit goes a long way the first time.
  • Step 12: Encourage children to make a souvenir of their visit.
    If cameras are allowed, they can take pictures of one or two of their favorite works.
    Or they can take a sketchpad and try drawing a picture of something they particularly liked.
    Children also enjoy picking out a postcard of their favorite exhibit or work of art from the museum gift shop.


  • Pick up a few library books about some of the things you might see while at the museum. Prepare your toddlers several days in advance for all the fun they will have.
  • Find museums that have at least a few hands on areas for little ones. This is a great way to break up the day and make sure everyone sees something they enjoy.
  • Make sure you choose museums that are as kid-friendly as possible. Save exhibits that are truly meant for a grown-up’s eyes for older children. They’ll appreciate it more and you won’t have to worry about being stared at when the baby is crying and the toddlers are fussy.
  • Take advantage of any pamphlets and guides offered by the museum. Use them to direct your visit and save them as keepsakes for your child.

Day 3

We stopped by Army Memorial Muzium (Muzium Tentera Darat, Port Dickson). *cheerio*

PD :)
One bright sunny day 😉

PD :)

PD :)
Gigantic army vehicle & weapon!

PD :)
Old train 😀

PD :)
KiruaMi-cHan tha big bro!

PD :)
Get ready~

PD :)
Big sis on a mission!


Uh oh, sadly, I am the one whom forgot to charge our camera’s battery *again*.

No more pictures 🙁


Mommies, let’s bring your lil precious to museum 😉

Be sure to have fun! *jane*


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