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Dear Readers, thank you for your visit.

This site will be reconstruct by Line South due to several php file error (reported by one of loyal reader, dear Miss Daesy: daec_jun[@]

I’ll try to publish any “draft post” by mamafiza as soon as possible and I’ll help her to launch new member of (Insya-Allah): eStore

p/s: mamafiza’s thanked everyone for being so supportive & caring. Insya-Allah, she’ll update this blog by herself when she will be back home & had fully recovered. Thank you.



  • please PM me at MHU forum if you had any inquiry. TQ!

09. June 2008 by The King
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  1. Get well soon mamafiza! 🙂

    Nice “karencheng” template! 😉 I’m a fan of hers too!

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