How to Introduce Math to your Toddler

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Have you ever had a crush on math?

It’s never to early to begin enriching your toddler’s life with learning.

Even in infancy, you can begin laying the foundation for future understanding in math.

You may turn every day activities into learning experiences that will teach your child early math concepts receptively.

Exposure to such learning activities will help your toddler develop early math awareness in much the same way he/she learns to speak and walk, through developmentally appropriate play and interaction over time.

Below are some pictures of our math project; Number “Zero”:

Kiddies Number Project
Project Number “ce-ro”


Kiddies Number Project
Scribbles, doodles of Zero~


Kiddies Number Project
Three energetic kiddies~


Kiddies Number Project
Say cheese~ O’ cheese!


Kiddies Number Project
Finished project~


Kiddies Number Project
Wall of Fame~


Kiddies Number Project
Wall of Fame: Our kiddies “craft time” with number buddy: Zero!


Let share some of tips on “How to Introduce Math to your Toddler“:

  • Step 1: Start early.
    By the time your child is 12 months old, he or she will begin to recognize amounts.
    Count with your child whenever you have a number of objects to count.
    Write numbers with crayon and paper and count them.
    Count splashes in the tub or pail. Count food, toys, socks, anything.
  • Step 2: Sort and classify objects.
    Again, you can use any object your child is interacting with while pointing out differences and similarities.
    Say things like, “I see three blue blocks and two red block. You have one carrot stick and four crackers.”
  • Step 3: Match objects and create patterns.
    Most toddler toys will be primary colors and shapes.
    Match similar objects while talking out loud about what makes them match.
    Create color and shape patterns, like red, blue, blue, red.
    Encourage your child to continue the pattern by saying, “What comes next?”
    Even make patterns of sound with instruments or clapping.
  • Step 4: Play with water and sand.
    Pouring, dumping and transferring sand and water from different containers and using different utensils teaches valuable concepts of weight and volume.
    Encourage your toddler to count the scoops it takes to fill a container.
    Talk about how a container feels when it is full and empty. Compare sizes while talking about big and little.


  • Play outside. Make up games about things to count.
  • Notice numbers in stores while running errands.
  • Buy and read books about counting.
  • Praise your toddler often for trying to count or recall numbers. Remember your child is learning how to learn a new skill. Don’t be critical of mistakes.
  • Purchase an educational videotape about numbers for your toddler to watch. There are some great ones out there.
  • If your child recognizes a number but names it wrong, correct him or her gently by saying something like, “Yes, I see a four. You are good at pointing out numbers”
  • Your toddler will have a short attention span. Don’t force continuation of a game if your child wants to move to something else.
  • Engage your toddler in learning while you’re playing. Trying to get your child to sit down and listen to a lesson on numbers will prove frustrating to you both.


Keep on counting with your lil ones momma 😉

May Allah swt blessed your sweet family. Amin~

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  1. Ketagih baca website mamafiza ni, i get inspired on every posts, every tips, always feeling excited to experiment it with my 2 sons aged same as yours, 4 & 3..Only one problem, the eldest is having speech delayed & attention deficit. So it’s quite frustrating & tiring, obviously, my son’s development is far way behind than urs,is there any other ways of getting his attention??Any books/web to recommend?

  2. great work mamafiza. bb ica dh boleh count 1-10 sikit2 sambil naik tangga. he..he.. bolehlah…..

  3. Great tips, thank you!

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